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5 Ovens I Hate to Clean

By Graham Rogers

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Here is my list of top 5 ovens I just hate to clean with the most hated at number 1 🙂


1. Lancache Range – this is a quality range which is a semi professional build which means it is a solid range cooker. So why do I hate cleaning it so much? Well it has ribbed sides in the ovens, it sometimes has stainless steel panels on the inside of the doors and on the roof/ceiling of the ovens. Both are difficult to clean, though I do get the doors to gleam and the roof/ceiling of the ovens are difficult to get 100%. Really as they are stainless steel you can't use the scraper to get the carbon of them, though a bit of water and back scraping does get most of it off. Also the Lacanche ranges don't have lights inside the ovens so it is difficult to see the results, and there is a ridge just inside of the ovens that I tend to miss! Though I have got wise to this now and it is the first bit I clean. If you are looking at one of  the ovens, with the door down, it is at the top and is the first place anyone would run their finger across if they were checking it. As the top pan racks are solid they are heavy and I usually do a separate trip just to take them out to the van to dip them. So in all I find cleaning Lacanche's heavy and hard work.

2. Baumatic cookers– This is my number two as any oven, range, cooker with this branding will suffer from the same problems – they are all just poor in construction which means things will be falling off, falling apart, sticking together and generally causing problems during the clean. The Baumatic ranges are the cheap ranges that look good for the short term but are for the long term.

3. Beko – really the same problem as the Baumatics as they are poor in quality and things will fall apart as you clean them; look out especially for the nuts that hold in the side racks that can easily fall into the inside of the cooker – only way to get it out is to turn the cooker upside down!! You need two people obviously to lift the cooker – Health and Safety – though it has only happened once to us and it was five years ago.

4. SMEG cookers – same again as 2 and 3 though this time as the customer has paid a bit for them they don't understand it when they are falling apart and think it must be the cleaner!. Things that go wrong with SMEGS: transfers coming off the fascia, knobs falling apart, racks rusting, digital clocks going wrong, seals breaking, paint on inside of doors going white, grease getting into the middle of the sealed glass in the door!

5. Neff – for the ribbed sides on some of the models and the hinges that seem to wear quickly and you need to be on the ball to notice before you clean them, and point out to the customer before you clean it.

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