Use... OvenGleamers Proven Oven Cleaning Franchise Model To Set Yourself On A New Track Without Any Experience of Business,  Cleaning, or Marketing.

Use... OvenGleamers Proven Oven Cleaning Franchise Model To Set Yourself On A New Track Without Any Experience of Business,  Cleaning, or Marketing.

Use... OvenGleamers Proven Oven Cleaning Franchise Model To Set Yourself On A New Track Without Any Experience of Business,  Cleaning, or Marketing.

Why This Oven Cleaning Franchise May Be The Best Way To Start A Local Oven Cleaning Business. Especially for people with no experience in business, marketing or cleaning

OvenGleamers The Oven Cleaning Franchise has been cleaning ovens since 2004. And we have been providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to start a premium local oven cleaning franchise business since 2010. Because of this we feel we have the perfect local oven cleaning franchise set up. As we have both the extensive knowledge of starting and growing - and continuing to grow - both our own business and our franchisees businesses.

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Friendly, Family, Franchise

Graham Rogers set OvenGleamers up in 2004 and shortly after starting he was joined by his wife Catherine who was still in the Royal Air Force at the time. Graham grew the business by Google marketing, he is now a Google Marketing Expert. Catherine started taking the calls, as her plane was being phased out she had time to take them, and this became the central business model for OvenGleamers. The business grew quickly with their fleet growing to five vans by the start of 2007.

Together they developed the Oven Cleaning Franchise concentrating on cleaning range cookers and AGA cookers. The processes in the business were developed to be the safest in the industry, no exploding dip tanks with the OvenGleamers unique plastic electrically heated dip tank 

Graham and Catherine still undertake all of the training for new franchisees.

The Top Four Things That Make OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning Franchise Different

Our Lovely Ladies Take Your Calls

We have our own call centre located in Bristol which takes calls for the OvenGleamers network. Our lovely ladies take the calls and give quotes, take payment in advance, and book your customers straight into your diary.

Expert Marketing Launch

The way we get your marketing right in your area is  by testing different marketing media and because of that we run, and pay for, advertising in your local magazines, on Facebook and on YouTube and Google.. We find the best ways of marketing your business.

The Safest Van Equipment in The Industry

Our unique Electrically heated oven cleaning dip tank only needs plugging in once a day for an hour. It saves you work on every job. And no gas bottles to worry about or carry. This means there is no worry of your van exploding or having to worry about leaving gas burners burning on the side of the road. Also you don't have to have your equipment checked by a gas engineer regularly or have to comply with HSE guidelines. Our system is safe for you, your customers, and the general public.

Eco Cleaning Method in The Home

We clean cookers cold! We only use Vegan Eco friendly products in our customers homes. Safe for your customers, their family, their pets and their cookers too. This compares with most of our competitors who use high pH chemicals in the home to clean ovens. This means you don't have to worry about the products you use; firstly getting on your lungs or skin and harming you And secondly you don't have to worry about the products you use damaging your health or your customers property such as their kitchen cabinets or floors.


OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning Franchise 90 Day Revenue Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 90 day Revenue-Guarantee. We guarantee that you will have sales of £6000 in your first 3 months of operating. We generate and pay for all the marketing to get these sales for you, working out what works best in your local area. So you don't have to worry about getting customers as we will get them for you. You pay nothing in the way of fees or marketing expenses in your first three months.

Graham Rogers

The conversation that started OvenGleamers:

Graham Rogers started OvenGleamers The Oven Cleaning Franchise in 2004 after a conversation with his local AGA Engineer. Graham had called him in to service in two oven AGA.

Whilst he was servicing it Graham got chatting to him, the engineer told Graham about the size of the business that he worked for. They had fifteen vans and they were all servicing 5 AGAs a day each. Wow thought Graham that's a large AGA marketing. I'm going to start an AGA Cleaning Business.

And hence OvenGleamers was born.

Graham cleaned two AGAs in his first two weeks of operation. One of these took him six hours of blood, sweat and tears. Now we are an re-known as an AGA cleaning company and also we are becoming the go-to-company for Everhot cleaning across the country.


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5 Simple Steps to...

Starting Your Own Local OvenGleamers Cleaning Business

"That Looked Easy To Manage..."

Why do people buy the OvenGleamers oven cleaning franchise?

Watch this video to see why people like you buy the OvenGleamers® Oven Cleaning Franchisee, 

Franchisee Case Studies

From Servicing Manager To First Class Oven Cleaner

Dean was the Servicing Manager at a large Car Dealership. He had worked in the same industry for over 25 years. He wanted to have more control over his work time and spend more time with his family and also work locally to his home town. So he decided to make the change and bought an OvenGleamers franchise. Dean bought a resale area in our Somerset area and has broken sales records in his first year of being an OvenGleamer.

Dean Sheppard  //  Servicing Manager to Professional Oven Cleaner

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From Computer Consultant To Award Winning Oven Cleaner

Marco Diana used to commute from his home in Essex to his IT job in London. Even on his motorbike it used to take him an hour each way. He decided to make the change, to spend more time with his family. He started his OvenGleamers franchise in January 2020. Six weeks after starting we went into Lockdown with Covid restrictions. He worked hard and when he could visit homes again (using Covid processes) he became the most reviewed oven cleaning business in his area. He won the OvenGleamers Franchisee of the year award.

MARC0 DIANA  //  IT Consultant to Professional Oven Cleaning Franchisee

Run A Cashless Van

We take your calls for you, through our call centre. The number on your OvenGleamers Franchisee web page and the phone number on your van come straight through to us at OvenGleamers Headquarters.

We give out quotes and have a process where we can convert the enquiry into a confirmed booking with payment in advance. The money is paid straight into your account.

Why OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning Franchise Is Unique In Having It's Own Designed Insulated Electrically Heated  Dip Tank That Saves You Time

OvenGleamers Are The Only Oven Cleaning Franchise To Operate With Insulated Electrically Heated Dip Tanks.

  1. 1
    Insulated walled dip tank You would only need to heat the tank up once each day, before you go out cleaning for the day. This is normally about an hour to get the tank to full operating temperature.  No heating up at each and every job each day.
  2. 2
    Just put oven items in the tank With our tank you just put things into it and leave them in there for a while. Then you take them out, rinse them off with the OvenGleamers rinse system, dry them off and they are ready to go back into the oven.  No scrubbing to get the racks clean when you remove them from the tank, no emptying of the tank on the side of the road or into your customers flower bed.
  3. 3
    Is the safest way to clean oven parts. As we don't use a gas system, you do not have to carry gas bottles in your van, or worry about the maintenance of a gas system to ensure no leaks or fires.  Or worry about having to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations for gas oven cleaning use. You can leave the van unattended as the rear doors are locked when you are away from the van.

GRAHAM ROGERS //  Founder / Franchisor OvenGleamers The Oven Cleaning Franchise

Hello I am Graham Rogers and I started OvenGleamers  The Oven Cleaning Franchise with just me in a van in 2004. I grew my business to five vans within 3 years and since then I have cleaned thousands of ovens, range cookers and AGA cookers. I still clean today and still love cleaning the larger range cookers, especially AGA cookers.

I train all new franchisees on how to clean all types and size of ovens to the highest standard using our safe, effectively cleaning method, using the oven cleaning process and equipment I have personally developed. 

We put together a bespoke training package for every new franchisee.

Why don't you join our Team of 2024?

Graham Rogers

Join Our Happy Oven Cleaning Franchisees

Something I can see growing very well...

Nigel was made redundant in the Lockdown of the Pandemic in 2020 - he needed to find something he could put his efforts into. He certainly did that and gained our Fast Start Award for the way his business accelerated in growth - with double the sales that we normally expect our franchisees to achieve when they start. He is was runner up  Franchisee of the Year in 2021.

NIGEL ELWELL  //  Warehouse Manager to Award Winning Oven Cleaner

A different change of life...

Richard Humphris used to have his own commercial garage selling vans. He decided to buy an OvenGleamers franchisee after seeing the differences in the way that OvenGleamers operated. A safer way and way that he could clean ovens faster and give himself and is family more time in the day. Richard is a success in his area of North Tyneside.

Richard Humphris //  Garage Proprietor to Professional Oven Cleaner  Tynemouth

The Best Time to Start Your OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning Franchise  is Now!

Some People believe that oven cleaning is a seasonal business because they have had experience of not being able to book in an oven cleaner at Christmas. Yes it's true that it gets busier at Christmas and the lead up to it. But we have worked out how to market oven cleaning businesses in any area to get results for the franchisee. So there is no best time - only when you decide to go for it.

Get our oven cleaning franchise information pack and watch our video training series by clicking on the "Send me the information Pack Now" button below.

5 Simple Steps to...

To Start Your OvenGleamers Local Premium Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a decent living oven cleaning?

If you set up and run an oven cleaning business properly with the right positioning in the market then yes it can give you a very good living.

Do you need experience to start an oven cleaning franchise?

No, no experience is required, as we will train you in everything you need to know. Though some DIY experience or messing around with motorcycles will help.

How much does an oven cleaning franchise cost?

Oven Cleaning franchisees vary in price. You need to look at the package that comes with the franchise licence. We have a fully comprehensive package and SALES INCOME GUARANTEE and Our package starts at £16995 plus VAT.

How fast can I start with an oven cleaning franchise?

You can start your business within a couple of weeks. We will be able to train you in one of our training slots. We have 4 slots available each month. But you will need to see if we have any spaces if you would like to start now.

Am I too old for this business?

We have franchisees who have bought our franchise package at the age of 65. We feel that you should be able to run the business yourself for the full five years. Or, if you are older, you may want to get an employee and manage the business, or buy the package for a relative to have their own business.

Is an oven cleaning business a safe business to run?

We consider our business to be the safest oven cleaning business you can get. We use an electrically heated van mounted plastic dip tank in. We only use eco products in the home and  clean ovens cold. We wouldn't recommend having an oven cleaning franchise that has a dip tank that is heated up with gas burners. Over the years they have been proven to be unsafe. If you do buy one make sure the company is complying with the new HSE guidelines for oven cleaning companies using gas burners. We also wouldn't recommend using any strong chemicals in a customers home.

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