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By Graham Rogers

Easy AGA Cleaning Service: One Call Does It All. We Quote and Book You in.

AGA Cleaning Services Near Me

We achieve the highest standard clean of your AGA with our AGA Cleaning Services Near You. We use our unique AGAGleam process which uses only Eco Products in the home. Our Eco Products used have no fumes, aren't toxic and won't damage your AGA. They have been recommended by the Vitreous Enamel Association and haven't been tested on animals when they were developed by the manufacturer.

 That is they are safe for you, your family and pets and your AGA Cooker.

"Great Aga clean arrived promptly and even replaced my temperature dial as a little surprise so that was kind." Sarah

We are *recommended by the following Cooker Shops for our AGA Cleaning Service:

1. Spillers of Chard.
2. Garton and King of Exeter.
3. Kings of Sherbourne.
4. The AGA Shop in Cirencester.
5. The AGA Shop in Bath.
6. Darts Farm AGA Shop Topsham.
7. The AGA Shop Cardiff.
8. The AGA Shop In Kidderminster.

*When we say recommended, we have gained customers in the past, and still gain them regularly, who tell us that they have been given our number, by the shops, as a company that cleans AGAs. 

We know that AGA Rangemaster will not actively recommend any AGA cleaning company and we are in no way connected with AGA Rangemaster.

Though Spillers of Chard actively recommend us they are an authorised independent AGA reseller. We recommend them for servicing and their Cookercentre as a place to go when buying new kitchens and top end cooking appliances (of all brands). To go to Spillers of Chard site click here.

That is we are recommended by Spillers as their preferred professional AGA, Range and Oven Cleaning Service. We clean the demonstration range cookers and AGA cookers at Spillers of Chard.

Have you ever noticed that you just can’t seem to clean away the grease from the top of your AGA, or clean the inside of the doors, or make any headway in cleaning it all, whatever you try or buy?

Well we can and “We don’t just clean it…we GLEAM it!”

We ask you to switch your AGA off before the night before we arrive as the AGA needs to be cold for us to clean it.

ELAiNE smith


Great Service Job Well Done! Matt arrived on time, remained calm, pleasant and professional faced with an AGA with an awful lot of burnt on grease. It is now spotless and as advertised - gleaming. Highly recommended. 

Full Strip Down Deep AGA Clean
We have developed our AGA Gleaming process to give the 100% clean finish using our EcoGleam products and process.

With our Standard AGA Clean we clean every detail of your AGA Perfectly:

1. We deep thorough professional AGA Clean to all exterior enamel -including the top plate - using our EcoGleam process.
2. Your ovens are wire brushed, and brushed out.
3. Lid liners cleaned and polished.
4. Door liners cleaned and polished.
6. AGA Handles are washed and polished.
7. AGA Chrome Domes are cleaned and polished.
8. The interior of ovens 3 and 4  on a four oven AGAs (or 4 and 5 on a five oven AGAs) are cleaned* and polished.
9. The interior metal strips, just inside the ovens, and enamel surrounding the oven openings.
10. The enamel groove under the top plate rings.
11. All Enamel and Chrome is buffed and polished.

12. Work area, including sink (if used) and floor cleaned completely

*For AGA Modules, AGA Companions, AGA 6:4  and other AGA branded range cookers such as the AGA Master Chef, the ovens are stripped down and cleaned of all grease and carbon.

For the AGA eR3 - all ovens other than the main roasting oven are cleaned of all grease and carbon - as the main oven is cast iron and is self cleaning it just needs a brush out.

AGA Refurbishment  Replacement Levels (please ask when booking your AGA Clean):

Our Level 1 AGAGleam - Includes the Standard AGA Clean and replacing all seals and door liners.

Replace Door Liners and Seals - New Door Liner and Seals (if AGA is after 1974) so heat doesn't escape from your ovens when cooking and reduce running costs of your AGA. Set price for liners and seal replacement is £70(inc . VAT) per door. Also replacing the insulation in the doors can be added.

Upgraded door insulation  New ceramic insulation upgrade to door liners. - To reduce the running costs of your AGA. £20 per door (including VAT).

Lid seals are also replaced at £30.00 each lid

Our Level 2 AGAGleam - Includes Chrome Dome Replacement

Replace Chrome Domes, New Chrome Domes, Upgraded Insulation (if required), Lid Liners, Ropes and fittings. So the lids will be new and scratch free. Set price is £500 (including VAT) on top of the AGA Clean.

Replace Door Liners and Seals - New Door Liner and Seals (if AGA is after 1974) so heat doesn't escape from your ovens when cooking and reduce running costs of your AGA. Set price for liners and seal replacement is £70(inc . VAT)

Replace insulation  New ceramic insulation upgrade to door liners. - To reduce the running costs of your AGA. £20 per door (including VAT).

Our Level 3 AGAGleam - Includes Level 1 and Level 2 combined

Our  AGA Cleaning – ‘AGAGleam’ Process

We spend 2 to 3 hours deep cleaning your AGA.

The cleaning process involves removing all the grease from the outside of the AGA, cleaning the inside of the lids, the inside of the doors and the shiny strips just inside in the ovens and not least we clean those door hinges too. All internal and external areas are fully cleaned and polished to leave your AGA “gleaming” like new again.

On a 4 oven AGA cooker we clean the insides of ovens 3 and 4 something which we know our competitors don’t do. We also carry replacement heat insulators for AGA lid handles, plastic washers for AGA doors, and replacement thermostat covers – the painted strip that indicates the temperature of your AGA.

Before and After AGA Cleaning Click here

Also We Offer:

  • Booking service for your AGA cleaning appointment
  • Professional Deep Clean Of Your AGA
  • Prompt quality AGA cleaning service
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We can also clean your conventional oven, hob and extractor too

Totally Inclusive Prices, including VAT, for cleaning your AGA (we need it to be cold):

Give us a ring today to get a quote: 0333 252 5441 or 01275 370571 or Click the Big White Get A Quote Button At The Top Of This Page.

A travelling charge may apply for some areas.

Semi AGA Restoration Service

We also offer an AGA restoration service where we can carry out small renovations such as:

1. New temperature gauge plate.

2. New inner lids.

3. New lid ropes.

4. New lid “Chrome Domes”.

5. New inside door panels and seals.

6. New Chrome Oven Racks.

7. Replacement of AGA badge with new Classic AGA Badge or rectangle badge.
Please contact us my email by CLICKING  Request A Quote Button on this page and putting in your details or phoning us on 0800 802 1540.

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