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Astonish Oven Cleaner Hits the Headlines as The Number One Cleaning Product

By Graham Rogers

If you didn’t see here is the article that the Daily Mail wrote last week comparing the performance of cleaning products in the home. Astonish oven cleaner was the product they used against other products described as general kitchen cleaners and it came out top as their number one cleaner! And the best thing is that Astonish really is an eco cleaner.

In the test they compared the performance of the products to clean a bathtub, a saucepan, limescale on the sink, mud on floor tiles and a cooker hob. I know the cooker hob was the only one in the list that Astonish was designed to be used for but I know and now you know that it also a great product for lots of other tasks. I recommend it for cleaning anything enamel, especially the AGA cooker – it used to come with the pack when you bought one new but I think AGA now try and promote their own cleaning products which in my opinion aren’t very good at all. I have used Astonish to clean thousands of ovens etc  and I have cleaned a few sinks, and other things with it as well. 

So in the tests Astonish got 10 out 10 for everything except the floor tiles where it got 5 because it left a powdery residue and the tiles didn’t shine – I know from experience that this is what happens to floor tiles and we use a degreaser on floor tiles if we just happen to make them dirty, and they come up looking fabulous.


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