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Everhot Cooker Cleaning Service

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An Easy To Book Everhot Cooker Cleaning Service To Bring Your Everhot Back To 'As New'.

*Announced January 2023. OvenGleamers are Everhot's recommended Everhot cleaners for the UK.

Everhot Cooker Cleaning Services:

We have been cleaning Everhot Cookers for over 18 years. As we are range cooker and AGA cooker cleaning experts you can be assured that we will clean your Everhot to the highest standards using the safest products.

We make it very Easy To Book. Either ring us 0800 011 9637 or click the Request A FREE Quote button on this page, put in your details and we will call you right back (in normal office hours).

Our Everhot Cooker Cleaning Process:

We remove the bits we can remove from your Everhot (this includes the top plate square, the bottom of your oven liners and the door liners see below) and place them to soak in our specialist oven cleaning dip tank that we have in our van.

We then manually clean the rest of your Everhot with a vegetable paste and using our specialist OvenGleamers EcoGleam process to bring your Everhot  back to 'as new'.

We can also replace seals if required (extra cost on top of cleaning cost).

Then we reassemble it.

Everhot Cooker Cleaning

OvenGleamers Professional process is shown in this video:

Cleaning Everhot Cooker Door Liners

We use our dip tank in our van to clean the door liners - this means stripping them down to remove the cover. But be reassured that the insulation in the doors will not be affected as unlike the AGA the Everhot has insulation in the door panels that stays as one piece when the liners are taken off. 

The benefit of dipping them is that  the door liners are made of stainless steel they come up like new without having to be scrubbed.

For a quote please ring us on 0800 011 9637 or click the 'Request A FREE Quote' button on this page, put in your details and we will ring you back straight away (in office hours) give you a quote and make your appointment all in one call.

everhot cooker before cleani

Everhot top before cleaning.

Everhot top After Cleaning (New seals installed as well as cleaning)

Everhot doors before cleaning

everhot doors after cleaning

Everhot doors after cleaning (seals have also been replaced)

Before Everhot Cleaners

Whole Everhot Before Cleaning

After Everhot Cleaners

Whole Everhot After Cleaning

Everhot Cooker Seal Replacement

We can replace Everhot Seals too. We take off the old ones and put on Everhot Replacement seals. It is normally better if you order these directly yourself from Everhot if you would like us to replace these whist we are cleaning your Everhot.

Here is a video of Everhot Top Plate Seal Replacement. We used an Everhot seal kit:

Here is a video of Everhot Door Seal Replacement. We used an Everhot seal kit:

Everhot Cooker Cleaning Tips

Everhot Cookers are particularly difficult to clean as the front panels are powder coated.  These are not so easy to clean as say the enamel on an AGA cooker. Because you may damage the powder coating when you clean it. You can't scrape them or scourer them.

N.B Some shop cleaning products can do serious damage to your Everhot.

You really need to ensure that you check any kitchen cleaning products that you have in your kitchen (or buy) before using them on your Everhot.  Also be careful of what you use in the way of scourers or cloths. This is to ensure that you will not strip or damage the powder coated finish.

The top of the Everhot is hard to clean once the grease has carbonised. To stop this regular cleaning after use is the thing to do. Wipe off any grease before it carbonises. We recommend using a sodden microfibre cloth with washing up liquid in solution. Obviously be very careful not to burn yourself if your Everhot is on.

Everhot Recent Cleans

Everhot Showroom Clean in Flaming Fires Wombourne February 2023 - This Marine Blue AGA had been used as the demonstration Everhot Cooker from 2019 to 2023. It was just inside the door on the left hand side when you went through the door of the shop from the pavement. When it was due for replacement a buyer was found and OvenGleamers cleaned it before it left the showroom.

Everhot Clean Cheltenham January 2023

We cleaned this Everhot in Cheltenham. Note the carbonised main oven at the start which made it a difficult clean. And the way we have cleaned the inner door liners without scrubbing them. Also note that on most Everhots the staining on the main top plate lid liner doesn't come off in the cleaning process.