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How to Clean An Oven

By Graham Rogers

Method 1: General Maintenance Cleaning of Oven

Say you have just had your oven professionally cleaned by an oven cleaning company such as ourselves, OvenGleamers, or your oven is new and you want to keep it clean.  I would suggest using a microfibre cloth and Fairy Washing Up Solution – or any washing up liquid, but Fairy Washing Up Liquid tends to be best – to wipe out the inside of the oven on a regular basis (the cloth needs to be wet). Washing up solution works very well on pans and racks too; put them in a hot washing up water solution (again Fairy is best) and you leave them in for 30 minutes and then use a steel scourer to remove the grease, and then dry with a tea towel. The only problem you may have will be getting the racks or pans into your sink so you could buy oven rack soaking tray from Lakeland to get around this problem.

how to clean an oven

Method 2: Attempting a Deep Clean Yourself using a Shop bought Caustic Cleaner

Buy a caustic oven cleaning product in the shop; examples are: Oven Pride Oven Cleaner (you find this video interesting:  TV's Oven Pride Advert) , Mr Muscle Oven CleanerOven Mate Oven Cleaner from Lakeland. PLEASE follow the instructions and in addition I would really recommend that you wear some eye protection which is advised on the products in small writing but not generally in the instructions but in the Health and Safety Guide.

The Homepride video suggest that it is so easy to use but you need to read every word on the bottle and box carefully. The best way to clean your racks yourself is as in Method 1 above. If you use the Homepride product and the bag to clean your racks and there is a hole in your bag you can do a lot of damage to yourself and kitchen. Make sure your pets are not in the same room and also if you are pregnant I would think about another method to get your oven cleaned see Method 3 and 4. If you get any of the cleaning product on yourself put lots of water on it immediately. Also some of the products suggest that you can leave the cleaning product in the oven overnight. I would suggest you don't do this as this will damage the enamel of the oven.  In all the product I like the best out of these is the lakeland one because it is applied with a brush which is in the box.

Also looking back at this post in March 2019 - We have noticed a great deal of damaged ovens caused by caustic cleaners being left in the oven. That is the residue cleaner hasn't been removed properly and this 'eats' away at the enamel, the screws (such as the screws for the fan cover), and the racks making them all rusty. This is also a reason to avoid the 'cheap' oven cleaners on Facebook or other 'cheap' companies. They are charging a cheap price to clean the oven but using caustic cleaners to speed the work up, so they can fit more jobs into a day, and then not removing the caustic cleaner properly. 

Method 3: Use a non caustic cleaner

An example of this is Astonish Oven Cleaner which is the product I would recommend as its the one we use ourselves! Follow the instructions. You may have problems with it though if the grease is very thick in your oven – there is a knack to it all! Just call us out as per Method 4

Method 4: Book An Oven Cleaning Professional To Do it For You

Give us a ring now 0333 254 7564 and book your oven into be cleaned! We don't use caustic in the home, and we clean up after ourselves and leave your oven looking like new all sparkling and gleaming.


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