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Here Catherine Rogers talks through our Eco Oven cleaning process. We do the full strip down deep clean of your oven, range cooker, AGA Cooker, hob, extractor or BBQ.

Our EcoGleam Process is Safe For You, Your Pets and Your Cooker.

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Extractors, Extractor Hood, Fan and Filter Cleaning.

Extractor Hoods Become Unsafe When They Are Dirty.

When out cleaning ovens we often see something that has been missed. That is the extractor or extractor hood above the hob is very dirty.  And it is not only unsightly but it is dangerous. They are so dirty that they are a fire risk. Just one small accident on the hob, say you are doing a fry up and you ignite the fat and it flares up, could ignite the grease extractor. Especially if the extractor has extractor filter paper that is sodden in grease. You have a bigger fire on your hands which is difficult to deal with.

We have been out to give talks to students as they start their first term at University Halls of Residence and they aren't used to cooking.  Extractor fires have been the number one start of fires in student accommodation.

So if  you  your extractor needs cleaning on a regular basis to keep it clean. Not only does the filter get dirty but there is a build of grease around the casing of the extractor.

Cleaning an extractor is difficult because it sticky work! Extractor fans are designed to circulate air and grease. The grease sticks to all parts of the extractor and surrounding kitchen cabinets. It's unpleasant and difficult to get this grease off and even for OvenGleamers professional extractor cleaners it's not an easy task. Especially on hoods that have large chimneys. A build up grease is very difficult to remove.

Our expert certified cleaning professionals are trained to provide the best in extractor cleaning process. With our Eco cleaning process they will put in the hard work to clean your extractor, or extractor hood, fan and filter.

Using their skill and expertise of being able to take your extractor apart they will deep clean the extractor filters, the plastic light fittings and the knobs on your hood. Using our EcoGleam process, our OvenGleamers providing the extractor cleaning service,  will completely degrease your extractor. New paper filters will be supplied, cut to size and fitted. Stainless steel gauze style filters are deep cleaned and then put back in place. All of the exterior of your extractor will be santised. We use step ladders to clean the extractors with high chimneys.

extractor cleaning before clean

Extractor Pre Clean - Filter paper sodden with grease.

Extractor fan cleaning after clean

Extractor After Clean

What are the different type of extractors and hoods?

There are two different types of  extractor and extractor hood. That is in the way they work. 

1. One type does actually extract smells and steam to the outside. There is a pipe that goes from the extractor hood to the outside of the house. So to check if you have this one. You can look on the top of your kitchen cabinets; you'll see the extractor pipe (about 15cm in width running along the top of them and then disappearing through the ceiling. Or if you go outside you find the external vent where the pipe ends up at.

2. The other type of extractor doesn't do this. It just take the air, steam and smells and recirculates them. It normally removes the smells by having a carbon filter in the casing. You can't tell the difference by looking at them  because the new modern stainless steel hoods have 'dummy' chimneys that go right up to the ceiling. So you can't tell if there is a pipe inside or not.

You also get extractor that are different in size. From very small extractors that are set in a chimney above a range cooker to huge stainless steel extractor units that are above very large cookers. For example the Viking and Wolf American style ranges.

We use a fast safe EcoGleam process to clean your extractor. Bringing it back to as new. 

Why clean your Extractor?

Your extractor is one of the things that can be easily missed. So you make your kitchen the cleanest it can be the extractor needs cleaning too. Keeping it clean means it looks great and also it will function at it's best. The extractor filters or paper will work at their most efficient and do the job they are supposed to do. That is remove grease and particles and smells from your kitchen. Making your whole kitchen more hygienic and healthier. Also safety should be your number one priority in your kitchen. A dirty extractor is a fire risk.

So remove the risk and live with a super clean extractor alongside your gleaming oven by getting a professional extractor cleaning company like OvenGleamers to clean your extractor for you. 

Do you clean stainless steel extractor hoods?

Yes we do. When they are thick in grease it is a difficult job to remove the grease off. But we use our eco products and microfibre cloths to get all of the grease off. We then polish the stainless steel to get it gleaming again.  

Please note: Some shop bought products can damage your extractor. Some can permanently etch or dull the stainless steel on a stainless steel hood, so don't just grab any kitchen cleaner from under your sink and spray that on to your extractor.

If your filter or extractor bulb needs replacing - We can help you

OvenGleamers extractor cleaning experts carry stock of replacement bulbs and filters suitable for your extractor. They carry the paper filters and also carry two types of bulbs  including the new halogen bulbs. We work on any type of extractor hoods from the smallest in chimney extractors above AGA and AGA Type Cookers, to the huge commercial grade extractors above large range cookers such as the Wolf Range cookers. We will bring them back to be the pride of your kitchen rather than the dirty eye sore they currently maybe.

Our Extractor Cleaning Experts are fully trained

You can rest assured that OvenGleamers have been trained in the highest standards in all aspects of oven cleaning including cleaning the different types of extractors. All OvenGleamers are trained to the same high standard at the OvenGleamers Training Academy and cleaning at customers house in Bristol before they are certified OvenGleaming Specialists.

So, it doesn't matter how much dirt or grease is on your extractor hood or extractor our OvenGleamers Extractor Cleaning Specialists will be able to remove and sanitise it. Making it look like new.

Our Customers' Whole Service Oven Cleaning Experience:

It’s not just our EcoGleam Product and Process that we amaze customers with either. Your whole journey from making the call to our Customer Line to booking in your oven for it's gleam will delight you. Also our local OvenGleamers will deliver the highest level of customer care.  They will be on time, be nice to you, and be professional. They will provide a local oven cleaning service to the highest standard.

View our list of local oven cleaning service near you here.

Also to doubly reassure you every OvenGleamer has full insurance and gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for the ultimate oven cleaning experience the OvenGleamers oven cleaning service offers the most full and extensive oven clean you can get. Every part is cleaned. This includes not the obvious hidden parts of your ovens that our competitors miss such as the area above the grill. You'll be amazed at how clean an OvenGleamer can get your oven cleaned.

So if your are excited by this prospect take the following steps. Get a FREE quote by ringing us on 0800 802 1076 or by clicking on the 'Request A Free Quote' button on this page and put in your details. We will get right back to you (in office hours) with a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you clean a stainless steel extractor hood?

We use sodden microfibre cloth with a vegetable cleaning paste such as The Pink Stuff or Astonish Oven and Grill Cleaner (must be mixed up in solution as is gritty. We use this to remove the grease. Then we use stainless steel cleaner to polish up the stainless steel. A trick is to polish in the same direction as the brush in the stainless steel. Be careful not use cleaning products with acidic content or caustic content. If you leave this one it with damage the stainless steel. We have seen permanently damaged stainless steel caused by using the wrong cleaning products.

How do you clean an extractor hood filter?

It depends on what sort it is. But if it's a paper one we remove the greasy one and replace it with a new one. If it's a metal type we clean it use a cleaning process that involves using our professional truck mounted dip tank.

What's the best way to clean an extractor hood?

The best way is to avoid using oven cleaners bought from a shop or those with  a high caustic  or acid content. Don't just pick up a bottle of cleaner from under your sink and use that as you may destroy the hood or its fittings. We use a vegetable paste such as The Pink Stuff or Astonish Oven And Grill cleaner. This breaks down the grease which can then be removed - we use a sodden microfibre cloth - and then dried and polished up to a high shine.

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