Why Choose OvenGleamers

Why Choose OvenGleamers?

Why Choose OvenGleamers?

OVENGLEAMERS is one of the UKs largest oven cleaning companies cleaning thousands of ovens each year. We act national but have local franchisees.

But we haven’t forgotten our roots. We’ve been doing this a long time now; since 2004. We are still a family company with both the founder Graham Rogers and his wife Catherine Rogers still working in the business. Catherine manages the operations side, you may well speak to her when you ring the office to arrange an appointment. Graham is involved in Franchise Development but still goes out cleaning regularly. We still have our family values and we aim to provide the best ‘Oven Gleam’ for our customers cookers of whatever size. But we love AGAs. And particularly like big range cookers! ?

We aim to provide you with a friendly service all the way from your first contact with us on the phone to saying goodbye with when we have finished cleaning your cooker to give it that Super Gleam! That is a friendly service that is fast, safe and a proper job done to the highest standard.


OVENGLEAMERS offers a first rate LOCAL oven cleaning service at an affordable price (and we charge for the oven rather than how dirty it is), and we make it very easy for you to book with us. You just have to make one call. We answer it (in office hours 9am to 5.30pm) and can give you a quote straight away and book you in for your appointment. This means you don’t have to wait for someone to call you back. Our uniformed, fully insured operatives, will come to your home and efficiently clean your oven, range cooker or AGA or large cookers. They arrive in OVENGLEAMERS identified vans, bringing all necessary cleaning equipment and supplies with them. Just one man in one van from your LOCAL area.


OVENGLEAMERS trained operatives are:

  • Trained thoroughly to ensure they can clean your oven efficiently, effectively and thoroughly. The BEST job in the FASTEST time.
  • Given the best oven cleaning equipment and  to ensure they can clean your oven efficiently and safely with no fuss or mess for you. No asking you for water or asking you to heat your oven up before we get there. We also take all the oven waste with us and don’t leave it  you as some of our competitors do.
  • Trained to use the best system of oven cleaning to ensure they don’t waste time cleaning your oven.


Your  OVENGLEAMERS professional oven clean includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the whole oven including the racks and grill pan.
  • Cleaning of the self cleaning sides of the ovens.
  • Cleaning the ceiling of the oven, and the fan cover and the fan itself.
  • Making sure that every last bit of dirt is cleaned from your door including inside the door.
  • Ensuring your kitchen is spotless before we leave, including ensuring the floor is clean.


Your  OVENGLEAMERS professional oven clean is safe because:

  • We use a vegetable based cleaning product to clean your oven. It is so safe you could eat it. It also hasn’t been tested on animals.
  • The product we used has also been approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association so is the best product to clean inside your oven or the outside of your AGA cooker.
  • We don’t use a gas heated dip tank system in our van as our competitors do. They leave a gas flame burning in their van, or on the roadside whilst they clean inside your home. We use a system that is safe for us and for you.
  • We don't use caustic cleaners in your home - as most of our competitors do - if they are heating up the oven when they are cleaning it they are using either caustic soda gel or Potassium Hydroxide - These are corrosive to the skin and eyes and to the internal organs when inhaled – and it can be hard to avoid breathing in the fumes when it is being used in your kitchen. Also if the residue is not removed from your oven it will rot - rusting pretty quickly.


Your  OVENGLEAMERS professional oven clean is green because:

  • We manage the waste created when cleaning your oven and remove it from your property and take it away with us. We don’t leave it with you or pour any waste solutions down your drain or into your flowerbeds.
  • We don’t waste tonnes of paper. We don’t use paper as our competitors do. We use effective microfibre cloths and cotton cloths that are washed and used again.
  • We don’t use a gas stove heated dip tank that is heated up outside your house whilst we are cleaning inside. Our competitors do this and they are very dangerous and have been known to explode. They also produce Carbon Monoxide gases that are unsafe to the operative, and Carbon Dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. In turn this adds to global warming, and in turn have an impact on food production, fresh water supplies, forest and land use and sea levels. We use an eco friendly electrically heated tank that is heated up once at the beginning of the day at our home; it isn’t dangerous and it doesn’t produce any dangerous gases. We don’t have trailing cables trailing from our vans, or leave the vans with a burning gas stove inside them.

OVENGLEAMERS is Consistent…

We clean your whole oven from top to bottom and no detail  is overlooked. We pride ourselves in offering consistently high standards of professional oven cleaning services and that’s why we guarantee it!  At OVENGLEAMERS you’re not just another number.   We clean thousands of ovens every day, but when we’re cleaning yours, it’s the only oven we care about.  Our operatives, who are all professionally trained in the OVENGLEAMERS way, ensure your individual oven cleaning needs are met.


We stick to our word. A uniformed, fully insured, operatives will arrive in distinctive OVENGLEAMERS branded vans with all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies for the prearranged appointment at a set time. If they are running late, sometimes really dirty ovens can take longer than the time allocated for the job which means they may get delayed at a job before yours, they will ring you and let you know.

OVENGLEAMERS is Affordable…

OVENGLEAMERS price is the price you pay, the fully inclusive price including everything. The price we quote is the price you will pay. Call OVENGLEAMERS to arrange your free, no-obligation quote for cleaning your oven cleaning service requirements.

Other Companies vs. OVENGLEAMERS

If you are thinking of using another oven cleaning company, please know that there are some potential pitfalls. For your own protection and peace of mind,  please give us a ring on 0800 802 1509 to learn some important things that you may want to ask at the outset.

OVENGLEAMERS is happy to assist you with your oven cleaning requirements

Call your Franchise Owner or submit an online enquiry for OVENGLEAMERS cleaning services.