FAQs OvenGleamers

FAQs OvenGleamers

FAQs OvenGleamers - OvenGleamers Frequently Asked Questions

Are dangerous products used in my home? Are there dangerous fumes or does it smell?
No. We use natural cleaning products that are safe for our operatives, you, your family and your pets. They are both fume and odour free. They are also safe for your oven - no chemical residue is left in your oven.

Do you clean the glass doors, especially between the glass?
Yes. We clean the doors both inside and out leaving them perfectly clean and streak free giving you a perfectly clear view of what's cooking inside your oven. 

Do you clean Stainless Steel and Microwave ovens?
Yes. We use products specifically formulated for cleaning stainless steel. Microwave ovens are deep cleaned - we get rid of all of the baked on food and splashes and leave your microwave 'gleaming'.

Can you explain the process?
Yes Gladly.

1. We come to your home in our liveried van. All of our operatives wear the distinctive blue OvenGleamers uniform.

2. You would have been given a quote on booking and the OvenGleamer will confirm that this is correct.

3. Then he will carry out a full inspection and functional check of your cooker before he starts.  

4. We put down floor covering.

5. He/She will then remove racks, trays, the fan, the fan cover and other removable items from your oven and take them outside and put them in a solution which is a hot tank in our van.

6. The remainder of your oven is cleaned manually using a vegetable organic paste and we clean it... until it gleams!

7. The oven components are then put back together.

8. A full functional check is carried out to ensure the oven is working correctly (we don't do this on AGAs or AGA type cookers). 

9. We clean up afterwards including ensuring the floor is clean and if we have used your sink that is clean too.

For most areas of the country the OvenGleamers Booking Team will take a payment from you by card on booking your appointment which means you don't have to worry about paying on the day. For other areas payment for the work carried out is them accepted by our operative in the form of cash, cheque or credit card. The whole 'gleaming' process takes in the region of one hour for a single oven, two hours for a double oven and two and half to three hours for a range.

Isn't an AGA self cleaning, does it really need a regular clean?
Yes - sort of! Although the traditional AGA ovens with their cast iron ovens clean themselves, but the outside of the AGA tends to get greasy over a period of time. This is where we do our work.

With newer type of AGAs that can be easily switched on and off, say the AGA City, or the AGA Dual Control or AGA E7 or AGA r 3; because they are being switched off and on the grease carbonises and becomes very difficult to remove.

We remove all this grease and burnt on carbon from the lids, upside and underside, from the handles, flue cover, the ridges under the rings on the main plates, the aluminium strip on the inside of the ovens and, of course, the inside of the oven doors. This takes in the region of 2 hours for a two oven AGA and three hours for a three oven AGA, and the AGA will be left with a showroom shine on completion. On four oven (and five oven) AGA cookers we clean the insides of ovens 3 and 4 (4 and 5). These ovens operate at a lower temperature and also are  made of either steel or aluminium not cast iron like the ovens 1 and 2. 

Because of this there can be an extensive build up in ovens 3 and 4 as the grease doesn't carbonise as it does in ovens 1 and 2. We will endeavour to clean off most of the grease using our process. With newer ovens this is usually 90% successful. With very dirty older ovens we will do our best to remove all the grease.

Do you clean Commercial Ovens?
Yes. Sometimes. Please give us a ring on 0800 802 1540 for details.

Would you recommend using a shop bought oven cleaner?
Not usually. Generally oven cleaning products bought in shops tend to have a caustic ingredient or have an extremely high pH such as Potassium Hydroxide. These products should be used with extreme care. Ensure that you follow the instructions given on each product. It is advisable to wear face and eye protection and gloves to protect your skin. They may, if used incorrectly, take paint off your oven (especially SMEG ovens door sides).

They may have very strong fumes and odour and as the cleaner has to be left overnight it can damage the enamel in the oven. Also any residue left in your oven with cause long term damage to your oven.

Also watch out for products with acidic content. That is they are high in acid. Something like Limescale cleaner. Though we have noticed some general cleaning products has a high acidic content. For example Bar Keepers Friend.

Recently (January 2020) we also have noticed that there is a product on the market which is sold as a kitchen cleaner that will damage stainless steel by leaving it with a cloudly appearance; meaning that even with our thorough process we cannot remove this 'cloud' damage.

Any acidic product will completely destroy the look of enamel - for example destroy the sheen on AGA enamel or leave unsightly grey clouding that can't be removed.

Be careful for what you reach for from under your sink.

Do you have any top tips on keeping my oven clean?
Yes - lots. Wipe up spills on the inside of the oven and oven door whilst the spills are still in liquid form. Wipe the seal around the door with a gentle cleanser and the gasket with a damp sponge. Most oven exteriors can be easily and quickly wiped clean with a gentle cleanser or even a glass cleaner. Do not clean the exterior if the oven interior is hot. The heat with quickly evaporate the cleaning solution. Be careful scrubbing the exterior, they can easily be scratched. Soak the burner racks in warm, soapy water. If you have a stove with a flat top - simply spray with a gentle cleanser and wipe dry.

Why Should I get someone else to clean my oven?
It's a dirty job, why do it yourself? Cleaning your oven is a chore, but it is a necessary one. We do a full strip down deep clean of your oven to clean it to the highest standard bringing back to as new standard.  We take apart things that you would probably find difficult or time consuming to do yourself. We use the best products for you oven and that won't damage it or may affect the operation of it in any way. You have probably spent a large amount of money on your cooker so why take the risk of damaging it by cleaning it incorrectly?

We ensure that your oven is 'gleamed' of any food spills and splashes that can cause smoke and even set off the fire alarm. An accumulation of grease in extractors are known to be a fire hazard. Lingering food spills will also taint other meals being cooked in your ovens. We are also able to help you create the right impression when selling your home by presenting your kitchen with a 'gleaming' oven. Similarly many landlords use our service to ensure that tenants maintain the standards of hygiene that the landlord requires. Thorough cleaning of the oven once or twice a year, when actually needed, rather than putting it off, will ensure your oven lasts longer too!