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Smeg Range Cooker Doors, Taking them Off and Putting them Back On

By Graham Rogers

How To Take Smeg Range Oven Doors Off (And Put them Back On)

I have recently learnt how to both take off and put back on the new type SMEG doors fitted to the SMEG ranges. SMEG provide two ‘pins’ that fit into the holes on the hinge. I found the ones for the last one I cleaned in the warming draw of the range.

So procedure to take doors  off on a SMEG A1 Range Cooker:

smeg doors on and off

1. Open the door a lay it flat. The hinges are now exposed.

2. Take the two ‘pins’ and put them in the holes of the hinges. There is a hole in each hinge.

3. Take the door and go to close it and as you do the hinge will  now ‘lock’ against the pins and then you will be able to take the door off out of the locating grooves.

To put the door back on:

1. Place the door so the hinges line up and then make sure that the grooves on the hinges line up properly with the brackets on the range.

2. Once they are in place you can lay the door flat and take out the pins. The door should now close properly.

I have noticed that on some ovens they have a similar hinge arrangement to the SMEG but without the holes. To get these doors off is a bit trickier, you need to use two screwdrivers to lock the hinges so that you can take the door off. And then repeat the process to put the door back on.


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