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NEFF Hide and Slide Problems

By Graham Rogers

NEFF Hide and Slide Problems

Yes we do have NEFF Hide and Slide Problems. The NEFF hide and slide oven door is very tricky to take off and put back on. Here is my guide to doing it right.

The NEFF Hide and Slide Oven has been popular over the last few years. Especially as they are used in the popular TV series: The Great British Bakeoff (now on Channel 4 in the UK, used to be the BBC). We now clean lots. Usually the door doesn’t need taking apart, as there is a seal that stops grease getting into the inside of the door. Over time this seal may deteriorate and grease will get in between the panels.


How to Tighten The Neff Hide and Slide Door Handle -Door Tightening Up?

A few years back when they first came out I had a call from one of the guys who works for us. He was having problems getting the NEFF hide and slide door back together. He had taken it off because the customer wanted him to tighten up the door handle. The door handle is attached to the door and to tighten it off you need to take the door apart. Once it is apart you can tighten up the backing nuts on the screws. So he had tightened it up and then when it came to put it back on he had problems.

He called the office and I jumped in the van and drove to see if I could help.

It took us another hour to work out how to get the door back on. Once we had done it I could see what we had got wrong.

I then had a call from one of my franchisees. The same problem. He couldn’t get the door back on. I spent an hour on the phone talking him through it.

So I decided to buy one of the NEFF Hide and Slide ovens so we could put it in our training kitchen. I did this and since then I have trained all new franchisees how to take the door apart.

The NEFF Hide and Slide Problems Removal and Refit Process:

I did the video above as a training video for the OvenGleamers franchise Academy. But have since then have made it available to everyone.

The problem is that you have to take the door off to get into the door to clean any ruins that may have got inside. To get the door off you have to ensure that two ‘locks’ are in the correct position.

That is one lock is unlocked so the door so it can be taken off.

There is a lock that needs to be locks to stop the slider moving.

The problems are getting the locks in the right position for each bit. You can end up going around in circles because one of the locks is in the wrong position.

So when taking off the door you first make sure that door will come off by releasing it from the bits that keep it on – little black plastic release catches that need pushing up. To gain access to these I have been taking the side covers off on the ovens. But you can do with them in place. It’s just trickier.

Once these are unlocked you can then ‘lock’ the slider  and take the door off.

Once the door is off you can take the glass off by just lifting it off. It just has a catch. Then you take out the inner glass. I did one of these recently and the internal catch was fiddly so you need to look at where the plastic catches are before taking the inner glass off.

So you take the glass off, clean the inside and then put it back together.

When you come to put the door back together you need to ensure that the two slide locks are in the right position ready for the door to ‘roll’ on to them.

If you ensure that the handle of the door is at 45% you’ll be able to put the door on. The door handle needs to be at an angle to ensure that the spigot on the door lines up with the bit it goes into to.

Once in you test it to ensure the door doesn’t fall of the slider. If it’s okay you ‘lock’ the black door locks back in position, then unlock the two side slider locks so the slider can move again.

The biggest problem happens when the spigot on the door isn’t lined up with the bit it goes into properly and the door falls off when you test it.

What happens is the slide rail falls off the tracks and ends up right at the back of the slot where the door slides into.

You need to fish them out and put the ‘roller ends’ back onto the rod and then put the rod back onto the rails.

To do this you need to get the rod at an angle and put one end on to the slider rail first and then once that is on put the other one on too.

Once on you then need to ensure that the slide ‘lock’ mechanisms are connected to the slider rail. See my video above. You unlock them, put them onto the rail, and then lock them again.

Once the rail is back in place you can attempt to put the door back on the rail. Remember to keep the door handle at 45 degrees and to check that it is sliding okay before locking the door locks and unlocking the slider locks.

It might be worth watching my video above if you are finding this complicated!!

Neff Hide and Slide Locks Not Locking 

This is a new problem. I bought a brand new NEFF Hide and Slide for our training kitchen here in our office in Bristol. We don’t use it. I have only used it for training new franchisees and employees. So the door has been taken off and on quite a lot over the last few years. A lot more than most ovens in your home.

I now have a problem that some of my franchisees have experienced too. That is the door lock isn’t locking. So you can get the door off okay but when you go to put it back on one of door locks or both of them don’t lock. One of the locks on my oven doesn’t lock at all. I’ve tried lots of different things to try and get it to lock. But I haven’t managed to get it to lock. I think I’m going to have to call in a NEFF engineer which to me seems like a joke as the oven is still ‘Brand New’.

But until then I have worked out a way to get the door back on:

I hold the bar along the bottom in the position it needs to be in for both of the arms to stick out in the correct position and then I put the door back on with the other hand.

It is tricky and it will be easier with two people, one holding the bar in place so the hinges are sticking out in their correct position, and the other putting the door back on.

The person holding the bar has to pull their hand out at the last moment allowing the door to fully fall into its correct position. But it works!!!

NEFF Hide and Slide Door Broken Handle Cable

The other thing that seems to be going wrong with these ovens is the cable that runs from the handle to locking spigot is breaking. So you need to get a new one. I think they are easy enough to fit. To find the correct spare part click here


About the Author

Graham Rogers Started OvenGleamers as one man in a van in Taunton in 2004. The business grew to a five van operation by 2007. OvenGleamers first franchisee started in October 2010. OvenGleamers Became An Associate Member of British Franchise Association in 2012. Now growing National OvenGleamers Network. OvenGleamers are AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Specialists. Graham writes on this blog and films videos and has a podcast.

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