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Neff U1661 Double Oven No Clock or Working Ovens

By Graham Rogers

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Last Thursday we cleaned an oven and when one of the two bulbs in the main oven was replaced and the oven switched on the bulb blew and power was lost to the cooker, no lights on timer, none of other bulbs or cooker working. Fuse box checked wasn't tripped. The power light on the cooker lead was on. So power to cooker but cooker not working. The cooker was a Neff U1661 double oven.

I told the client to get a quote for repair as the only other time this has happened to an oven we were cleaning it was fixed with the replacement of a fuse in another plug. But this was different in that the NEFF was connected directly to a cooker switch.

I got back to the office and searched on the net and found the following post on NEFF U1661 No Clock or bottom ovens. The fault was similar to ours but on ours both ovens weren't working.

The customer got a quote for repair from a local company (call out charge for this was £59) and the cost was £289 including £59 calling out fee.

In the meantime I found an appliance repair company called Repair Care who give a fixed price to repair the cooker at £118 which is a totally inclusive price unless the oven is a write off, which I doubt. So in all with this company do the work the cost will be £177 to carry out the repair.

On Monday repair care didn't turn up at the time stated – that is they rang the client to say they'd be there at 1500 but at 1620 still hadn't turned up. The client rang the engineer and in course of the conversation they asked him if he had the new board. To which he replied no and it's not worth me turning up. So he didn't turn up. A quick conversation with Repair Care and they told us we could have a refund. I'll keep you posted.

In all from the other post it looks like these cookers maybe liable to this sort of fault so be careful when you are changing a bulb on a NEFF U1661

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Graham Rogers May 14, 2010

Since this post the local repair company ordered the part for the NEFF U1661 and it took two weeks for the part to arrive, a new timer control board. When they fitted it it didn’t work so the repair company are now ordering the main control board. They say they won’t be able to find out if the timer board needs to be replaced until that part arrives and is fitted – another few weeks wait. The cost of this new board is going to be in the region of £350. So total cost of repair could be in the region of £250 + £350 if both boards do need replacing.
The client has now asked us to put it through our insurance(the NEFF U1661 is top of the range model sold at about £1200) The insurance has told us that the client will have to prove that what we did caused the damage. The only thing we did was change the bulb. It would be like taking your car to a hand car wash and at the end they notice that the bulb on your car isn’t working and replace it. Then when the car won’t start it is their problem.
I spoke to the local engineer doing the job and asked him if changing the bulb would cause these problems. He said that no it wouldn’t. To us there is an inherent problem with this particular model of cooker.
So in all we feel that it isn’t our fault. But we will see how the insurance claim goes.
In all we should have put it to the insurance company at the start.

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