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How To Clean A Smeg Oven

By Graham Rogers

how to clean a smeg oven

A little way of introduction to the SMEG oven or range cooker. 

A while ago I found this a blog by ChefPla -  World Cuisine Simplified which has lots of different recipes for some very interesting dishes from all around the world. The chef has just made an interesting entry on his blog  about the way he is just going to clean is SMEG cooker - using a caustic cleaner. I have made a comment on his posting to the effect that he had to be careful with caustic cleaners because I had noticed that some of the SMEG single oven ranges I had cleaned were painted on the inside of the doors. Meaning if he used Caustic cleaner it would come straight off leaving unsightly white strips on the inner oven door.

And only last week I was on a course with another professional oven cleaner - from another Franchise. He told me that SMEG stands for Shouldn't Make Electrical Gear.

 It actually stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla ("Emilian metallurgical enamel works of Guastalla"). And if you look them up on the web they say they have been making high quality ovens for 65 plus years.

In fact SMEG has always had this high quality brand image. But unfortunately after you've cleaned a few you are going to put SMEG ovens on the bottom of your list of ovens you like to clean. 

Hmm. Let's say they haven't a very good reputation in the professional oven cleaning world and a professional oven cleaner may not want to clean your SMEG cooker because of the problems you get when you clean them. I know of some oven cleaning companies that won't clean them.

So things that could go wrong with a SMEG Oven or Range Cooker when you clean it:

1. The seals get stuck to the enamel of the oven, and when you try to remove them to clean them, because they tend to be very thin,  they break off. The cost to replace them starts at £35.
2. The door hinges on the older SMEGs can be a bit of a pig to get off and back on. And for some you need to have small screwdrivers to hand to lock the doors so they come off by putting the screwdrivers through the holes.
3. The doors on the newer ones are a nightmare to take apart and put back together.And they have a doubled glazed unit right in the middle that can't be cleaned.
4. The electronic clock tends to fail  when cleaning them though thinking on statistics I know in my business we have replaced two in 16 years of operating as we now  know what not to do.
5. A lot of the older SMEGS have transfers on the fascia of the oven and then just come off with a wipe.
6. In the oven they have some unusual contours. They aren't like most ovens which are flat. They have contours.
7. The side racks which slot into the back of the fan cover can be difficult to line up properly.

How to clean A SMEG Oven or Range Cooker.

So maybe that has put you off a bit. But if it hasn't here is how to clean a SMEG oven or range cooker. 

But first decide how dirty your oven is. Is it that dirty? Does it just need a wipe over with some soapy water?

If not and you need to do a deep clean. Here is how you do it:

What do you need:

1. Soapy water.
2. Oven cleaning paste such as Astonish or The Pink Stuff.
3..A few microfibre cloths.
4. A Glass scraper would work well.
5. A Plastic oven cleaning tray from Lakeland.

Steps to clean your SMEG oven  or range the ECO Way- I wouldn't recommend using any caustic sprays or gel.

Step 1. First turn off your electricity supply to the oven.

Step 2: Remove all the bits that you can get out of the oven compartment that you can get out.

Step 3
. If you have a scraper scrape what you can off of the grease. If not go to the next step.

Step 4
. Apply the oven cleaning paste plus water with the microfibre cloth.

Step 5. Leave it for a few minutes but don't let it dry.

Step 6. Wipe out with the microfibre cloth and then buff with a dry microfibe cloth.

Step 7. Buff with a microfibre cloth.

How to clean the SMEG side racks and shelfs.

1. Either put into your dishwasher if you can fit them in.
2. Find a large plastic tray such as those sold by Lakeland. Put some hot soapy water in it. Leave the racks to soak for a while
3. Take them out and then rub with a steel scourer.
4. Dry off with a dry microfibre clothe.

In all expect to take a few hours to clean your oven. Oven Cleaning is tough work and as I have pointed out you may have a few issues when cleaning your SMEG oven or range.

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