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How To Clean An Old AGA With Eco Cleaners

By Graham Rogers

Old AGA Cleaning From Zero To Hero

One of our franchisees, John Rorke of OvenGleamers Wolverhampton gave this Standard AGA cooker (see pictures on this post) the AGAGleam treatment. It was an amazing AGA Cleaning job. When I saw the pictures I thought he had got the photos of the AGA cleans mixed up as I thought the after picture of the AGA was of another AGA. But checking it the same kitchen cabinets were in the photo. 

So how did he John Clean this Standard AGA Cooker? Well he used the AGAGleam method by OvenGleamers. The method that I have trained all of our AGA Cleaners to use.

Here's a similar method to get an old AGA clean. But not our exact steps we do have a full secret steps we keep to our chest.

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Steps to Clean An Old AGA Cooker

Tools required.

A scraper and a set of blades. You my need a lot (50 to 100 blades).
Some cleaning paste. I recommend either Astonish Oven Cleaner or The Pink Stuff.

The AGA needs to be off and cold so you don't burn yourself when you touch it.

Also Warning: Don't use any product before checking its contents - any acid content in a cleaning product will seriously and permanently damage the enamel of your AGA

Step 1 Cleaning The AGA Enamel Top

Remove the top plate ring on the left hand side top plate. Then using the scraper with a brand new blade in it scrape off all the grease on the top of the AGA. A new blade because you need to have a sharp blade. If it is blunt then it may damage the enamel top. So ensure the blade stays sharp by changing it regularly as you scrape. When we do AGAs like this thick in grease we go through a very large amount of blades. We change them after just a few scrapes to ensure the blade stays ultra sharp.If there is a large amount of grease like in the picture below you may find getting it off difficult. I have spent hours cleaning just the top of a Standard AGA like this one.

how to clean an old aga

If the grease is thick as in this photo it may take you a lot of effort and time to get all of this grease off. It has built up over years of use. Cleaning an old AGA isn't a easy job!

How your top plate should look when you have finished. Some of it may have it's original shine - the enamel being in good condition. If the AGA has been renovated then it will most shiny. If the AGA has never been renovated the top plate may have substantial wear which means the top will have lots it gleam completely and appear a matt black.

clean aga lids

How your inner AGA lids should look at the end. The one of the left has a rough 'self cleaning' coasting on it which means you can't do anything with it except get some of the rust off.

Step 2 Enamel on front of AGA

Again get a new blade and put it in the scraper. Scrape all of the grease off the front of the AGA. Then put the Astonish on with a wet microfibre cloth and rub in. Wait for a few minutes then wipe off and then buff with a dry cloth.

To remove the burnt on stains may mean using a scourer to remove them. Some old AGA may have smoke marks on them too. This can be removed with Astonish paste.

clean aga front

Step 3 AGA door liners

Take off the door and place onto a soft surface, such as towel. Use a Brillo pad to remove all the dirt off of the AGA door liner. It may take you a long time and it can be tough.

dirty aga door liners

Step 4 AGA oven inner liners  (tunnels)

On an older AGA such as this one we would clean the oven tunnels - the strips of aluminium just inside the oven with a Brillo. Sometimes they can be black with burnt on carbon and they are going to do need some real effort to get them clean.

clean aga door liners

Step 5 Buff up and polish and admire the end result.

Once all the dirt has been removed buff up with a dry cloth to give then end finish. Admire the work you have done.

It should be perfectly clean and the front should be gleaming as the enamel with now be polished up to shine.

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