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Cleaning Products That Damage Your AGA

By Graham Rogers

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AGA Cleaning Which Products Do You Use?

I've noticed a post on Facebook where a lady has ruined here enamel on her AGA cooker. It has gone cloudly in a patch when her husband picked up a kitchen cleaning product (Dettol Power and Pure Kitchen Cleaner) and wiped it across the enamel front. There is a good chance that the product had acid content in it, and it is this that has ruined the enamel. A costly mistake.  

I was out cleaning AGAs recently. It was a regular customer she has a four oven AGA in the Cotswolds. This time I cleaned it but I just couldn't remove the large grey marks on the enamel top - it was obviously damage from using the wrong shop bought cleaner.

My experience is that you may not be the person who does the damage.  It may be your cleaner (for example we don't let our cleaner clean our AGA), your husband, the visiting mother-in-law, or your children, trying to clean up after an accident. They looked at you AGA top and thought 'that needs a clean' then opened the door under your sink, picked out a cleaning product and then sprayed it onto the enamel. They probably wiped it off but not completely. Later when you get home you notice that the AGA is clean but what are those marks!!!

Here are my tips on using products when cleaning an AGA. 

When cleaning your AGA you may think it's an easy thing to do. The thing is you may think it is easy but when it comes down to it, it's not that easy. The main reasons are:

1. The AGA cooker is on all of the time. (unless you have the newer AGA Total Control or AGA Dual Control and you can switch bits of the AGA off).

2. The AGA has an enamel exterior surface. This enamel surface  seems like it is hard and pretty tough and unscratchable but is fact can be scratched very easily. And this is particularly noticeable with the black enamel AGA top because it can be lit with direct overhead light. 

3. Products have appeared on supermarket shelves that  do not mention that they can damage enamel but they can and do. It's usually in the small print. So be careful what you buy and bring into your kitchen.

So which ones are harmful to the AGA? Here is my list of products harmful to AGA Enamel:

1. Cillit Bang. Has acid content and will etch the AGA. 

2. Dettol Power and Pure Kitchen cleaner.

3. ​Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner

4. BarKeepers Friend - the stuff in the spray bottle. I think it's just the spray, but check. When people recommend this stuff - I've seen recommendations online - for cleaning an AGA I think they have used the powder in a bottle and mixed it up. My recommendation - just don't buy it!

5. Vinegar - I know people use this clean their range cookers - I've been sat in a restaurant where the chefs have been cleaning the surfaces with vinegar - we smelt it. But this doesn't mean you should use this method on you your AGA!

6. Any lavatory cleaner or limescale remover.

7. Any products with acid in them. They will damage the AGA enamel. Also juice with an acid content will etch into the enamel leaving marks that cannot be removed - for example, orange juice, tomato juice. 

8. I noticed an Oven Cleaner who is part of competitor franchise network brag that the product they use to clean AGAs contains Acid - really quite unbelievable.

And the answer really to a perfect clean AGA cooker is to get it professionally cleaned by an AGA Cleaning Service such as ours - We use vegetable paste - OvenGleamers Ring us 0800 802 1509.

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