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What is the Best Van to Buy For an Oven Cleaning Business?

By Graham Rogers

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I've been asked: 'which is the best oven cleaning van to buy for an oven cleaning business?'.

For you to have an oven cleaning specialist van with the best format  then I it should be one that has two side doors and a tailgate
door on the back.  This will save you getting wet when working at the back and allow you to work quicker with a side door that is next to the drivers door as you can put things in the van in the offside door and then get into the cab.

The only problem is that to get one of these NEW usually means a factory order
and it can take longer to get the van which isn't ideal when starting
an oven cleaning business as usually after making the decision to start
you want to get going as soon as possible. This is why the franchisors of franchise oven cleaning companies will recommend a van they can source quickly which is usually one without the tailgate.

So the best new van would be
say a Renault Kangoo diesel with side doors and tailgate as they do
lots of miles to the gallon. Second to this I would consider a VW Caddy
(though more expensive) again with the factory ordered bits. Also if
you do get it new I would pay up front to extend the warranty to five
years. So you could get one on a lease, or HP, over five years with the
warranty extended to cover the whole five years. Why five years extended warranty? Well once you have kitted the van out you really want to keep it for five years, as you don't want to go through the hassle and expense of refitting the van, and also to make sure that you are covered for breakdowns it's best to get the warranty extended or else you will be in the position we were in at the end of 2008 when two of our vans needed expensive engine jobs at the same time (both Ford Transit Connects – both needed complete new engine).

If you think
you can live without the tailgate (you just get wet when working at the
back of the van) then you have a large choice of vans with 'barn doors'
at the back either new or old. We have a Citroen Berlingo (old style)
and a Ford Transit Connect with this configuration. The Berlingo is
great but I wouldn't recommend a Ford Connect or any vehicle that has
it's engine as we have quite a few problems with it. If you consider a second hand van you need one with a low mileage and still look at it keeping it for five years.

Alot of
oven cleaning companies use Suzuki Carry vans as they come as standard
with two side doors and tailgate; we have two Daihatsu Extol vans were
are just great (although not brilliant on fuel consumption). Both these vans are Japanese micro vans and tend to be very
reliable (I wouldn't recommend the Daihatsu vans with engines made in
Italy – that is the older style Daihatsu vans before the Extol came
out and the vans that Daihatsu currently sell as the Piaggio Porter
as they are unreliable).

So to sum up my list for a van would be:

1. New Renault Kangoo Diesel two side doors and tailgate and five year warranty.
2. New VW Caddy Diesel with two side doors and tailgate and five year warranty.
New Citroen Berlingo with 'barn doors' and two side doors (again if you
can extend the warranty to get a five year deal that would be great or
look at changing the van after three years).

4. New Nissan NV200 although  as yet I can't confirm if you can get a tailgate on the van.

I don't like the
Fiat Dublo or the new micro size vans such as the Citroen Nemo as they
are too small – the top of the door is two low and you will be banging
your head.


1. Daihatsu Extol
2. Suzuki Carry
3. Kangoo Diesel with low mileage.
4. Citroen Diesel with low mileage.
5. Vauxhall Combo Dual fuel van.

first two are more suited for city work, the Kangoo Diesel van with low
mileage would be my choice for longer range work involving motorway
driving. I know the Berlingo is reliable and the Combo van would save
you a lot of money as it runs on LPG.

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