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Oven Does Not Work After A Clean

By Graham Rogers

When you first start cleaning your first ovens after training you are going to be a bit cautious as you still don’t have the faith that everything works in the real world and you still worry about things  fall

Scourer close-up

Scourer close-up (Photo credit: net_efekt)

ing apart. One of our franchisees had a problem with the door on his first job, it was SMEG 90 cm range exactly the same as I’ve got in our training kitchen and he took the door off and then put it back on okay but he could get the lock mechanism off the hinge. As he was close to us I sent one of our guys out to fix the door, it was just a case of jiggling the door then the lock came off.

Mark our new franchisee rang me today as he had been called by the client of one of his first jobs (it’s his first week – one job a day so far). She was unable to get the gas ignitor to work on the main oven. Mark had checked it at the end of the job so it was working then.

I went through the problems I’ve had with gas ignitors:

1. I once found that one of the two metal prongs which the spark jumps over was bent so it was too close together and I just bent it back.

2. Sometimes the timer if it has got one was left on Auto and it has timed out and hence the oven won’t work.

3. The old common one I used to get when I started until I started covering the burners – the burners themselves have their holes clogged up by the flakes of scrapped off carbon.

Mark went back and it was none of these. A small piece of steel scourer

had gone onto the prongs on the ignitor and he just took this off and it worked fine.

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