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Oven Cleaning Student Accommodation

By Graham Rogers

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Today I have been out cleaning ovens in student accommodation, we got the job late last Friday afternoon. A cleaning company had been let down by another oven cleaning company and they wanted 28 ovens cleaned by the end of Thursday this week. I think we were the only company that could help them out – I could have possibly done all of them myself but I would have probably been half dead by the end of the week.

So me out in the oven cleaning van. Funny with this time of year and student cleans I tend to get out a lot. I actually did some cleans on Saturday too. Last year this time I was in Cardiff doing oven cleans on student lets myself and spent weeks cleaning ovens for a student accommodation company.

So today it was an early start to get there by eight thirty and had I had to wait a bit before the main cleaning contractors turned up who subsequently took the piss out of my 'Pie Van' – my Daihatsu Extol. Hmm some pie van; I am not sure if pie vans get a turnover of £50K a year per van.

Up in the lift to the top of the building and then four ovens per floor on each of the seven floors. It was a bit of pain getting all the racks etc down to the van but I did get it all done okay.

In all I have cleaned 8 ovens and one of the guys turned up and cleaned 2 so in all we cleaned 10 ovens today. Really I think I've overdone it as I feel really done it. We have to get another 18 ovens to clean in the same block so I'm back again tomorrow to clean some more and I'm going to be joined, for bits of the day, by a couple of the other guys. So hopefully we will get another 12 done and get the rest done on Wednesday. I'm looking at getting just four done myself tomorrow, I going to pace myself a bit more!

Really these sort of jobs are good and bad, the good thing is that we are now completely booked up for the rest of the week, the bad stuff is getting all done by a set time. Student ovens can vary in dirtiness somethings they need just a little cleaning and other times they are completely disgusting and the work is corresponding more. But at the end of the day todays students expect to get clean fresh accommodation which of course means a clean kitchen with a clean cooker.

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