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How to clean AGA Hot Plate Lids – Chrome Domes

By Graham Rogers

How to clean AGA Hot Plate Lids – Chrome Domes

How To Clean AGA Hot Plate Lids - Chrome Domes and Lid Liners

We clean AGA Lids in the following way:

1. How To clean AGA hot plate lids? This is how OvenGleamers does it. Step One we first we remove the grease on the enamel of the lid using a glass scraper with a sharp blade. So if the AGA is an AGA Deluxe, that is it has Chrome Domes, then we will clean the enamel strip around the lid using the scraper. You need to ensure you don't scrape downwards as you may dig into the enamel on the AGA top. You need to scrape in a horizontal pattern. If the AGA is an AGA Standard or the AGA Classic, or an AGA with enamel lids rather than chrome (it's an option to have enamel domes on new AGAs), then you would scrape the whole lid with the glass scraper.

2. Step two: Next use Astonish Oven and Grill paste cleaner (in a pot). We mix water up with the paste so that it is solution and then using a completely wet through microfibre cloth we wipe the solution over the AGA lid. You need to give it some effort. We leave for a bit but not so long for it too dry. We wipe it off with a dry cloth and buff it up. The wet microfibre cloth should have enough to remove all the grease. You may have to repeat on some areas. 

3. Step three: To clean the handle on the lids we remove it and then put it into our dip tank in our OvenGleamers van. You can take it off and put it in your dishwasher or just soak it in washing up liquid.

We may also use The Pink Stuff cleaning paste if we haven't got Astonish solution. It is a similar product and gives similar results. I personally prefer the Astonish paste and will use it when I can when out cleaning.

Do you need to worry about scratching your AGA Chrome Domes?

 If your AGA is old and the chrome domes are already scratched then you may not to have to worry too much about this. Just realise that any scourer will scratch the Chrome Domes. The microfibre method is best for non scratch cleaning. So if your AGA is relatively new or, like my AGA at home, you've managed to keep the AGA lids scratch free you need to just use the microfibre method. See the picture of my AGA lids. The AGA was a reconditioned AGA we purchased in 2007.

Here are my AGA lids on my 30 Amp AGA after cleaning it in February of this year (2020):

How To clean the AGA Inner Lids

We clean the inner lids when the AGA is cold and we use Soap Pads such as a Brillo pad. It is hard work to get all the dirt off. If you have been frying eggs on your simmering plate you may have problems removing the carbonised egg yoke. 

For really dirty inner lids we scale up the scouring action by using a steel scourer and/or a glass scraper, dragging it downwards to remove the dirt. And then we use a soap pad to remove the scratches.

If you have just some grease on your inner lids soapy water or a wet microfibre cloth and Astonish paste will probably remove it.

We have been doing the full strip down deep AGAGleam since 2004 using Eco products that are safe for you, your kitchen, your kids and pets. And of course safe for your AGA Cooker.

Don't want to do it yourself? Call in the AGA Cleaning Experts!

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