Everhot Cookers: The Perfect Blend of Efficiency and Style

Everhot Cookers: The Perfect Blend of Efficiency and Style

By Graham Rogers

Everhot is a name that has revolutionised the world of range cookers.

Their story began in the 1970s, sparked by a desire to create an energy-efficient cooker. But this was just the start…

Today, Everhot stands as more than just a cooker brand; it’s synonymous with style and efficiency combined.

No wonder Everhot, with its unique blend of features and benefits, continues to be at the forefront for those seeking high-quality cooking solutions.

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The Evolution of Everhot Cookers

Everhots, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of range cookers, began their journey over four decades ago. Their inception was marked by an ingenious solution devised by Ossie Goring to harness excess energy from his water turbine.

This innovative approach led to the birth of the first-ever Everhot cooker that operated on both electricity and power generated from a water turbine. Over time, this model evolved into what we now know as modern-day electric-only Everhots.


Ossie Goring’s Vision: Energy Efficiency

Ossie Goring’s aim, right from day one, was not just about creating another oven but challenging existing norms and pushing boundaries for better energy efficiency. It makes sense then that today’s Everhots are renowned for low running costs – proof enough that they have stayed true to their founder’s vision even after all these years.

Electric-Only Models: A Game Changer

Ten years after its launch, EverHot launched its electric-only models which were designed keeping in mind homes without access to a steady water source or those who preferred electrical appliances only – thus expanding their market reach significantly. These new generation models did not compromise on any aspect while offering increased flexibility, making them more user-friendly than before.

A Commitment Towards Sustainability

  1. Eco-consciousness has been at the heart of everything related to manufacturing an EverHot oven since the beginning until today.
  2. Becoming one among the few brands offering fully-electric ovens during the early stages when such technology had barely started gaining popularity is a testament to how far ahead they’ve always thought I’d share regarding future trends within the kitchen appliance sector overall.

The Everhot Range – More Than Just A Cooker

Everhot cookers are a class apart, offering more than just cooking capabilities. They also serve as an efficient heat source for your kitchen, thus enhancing the cosy ambiance of this vital space in your home.

A key feature that sets Everhots apart from other range cookers is their ability to maintain consistent temperature levels even when the lid is lifted. This ensures uninterrupted and efficient cooking at all times – a factor that makes sense considering owner Ossie Goring’s vision when he launched these ranges forty years ago.

The Best Selling Model – Everhot 120i

Moving on to specific models, let’s take a closer look at one of their best-sellers: The EverHot 120i model ran into fame shortly after its launch, thanks largely due to its impressive features which include three large ovens providing ample room for diverse culinary exploits simultaneously.

In addition to these spacious ovens, it boasts cast iron hot and simmer plates ensuring evenly distributed heat across its surface, making it ideal whether you’re preparing breakfast pancakes or slow-cooking stew for dinner. It doesn’t end there; with an induction hob thrown into the mix, flexibility while meal prepping gets another boost.

All these attributes combine seamlessly in each unit, proving why Everhots won’t disappoint anyone looking for functionality combined with style in their choice of cooker range.

Energy Efficiency – How Does Everhot Compare?

In the range cooker arena, energy efficiency is a key player. With escalating fuel costs and heightened environmental consciousness, it’s vital to understand how your chosen cooker measures up.

Everhot has etched its name as one of the frontrunners in terms of energy-efficient brands available today. But when pitted against traditional AGA cookers, where does Everhot stand? Let’s dissect this heated debate while comparing with other brands.

The initial point to consider is that an Everhot releases roughly 60% less heat compared to a Traditional AGA set at similar temperatures. This implies lower fuel consumption and consequently reduced running costs over time – certainly something worth considering if you’ve found yourself contemplating between these two options for years now.

Fuel Usage Comparison

To gain a better understanding of the difference in fuel consumption, consider that an equivalent four-oven AGA consumes around 40 litres of oil weekly while its Everhot counterpart requires only 15 litres per week. A four-oven AGA consumes around 40 litres of oil weekly while an equivalent model from Everhot performs slightly worse but only uses about 15 litres per week. Over ten years (a short lifetime), think about all those savings on heating bills alone.

This makes sense given that modern insulation methods used by companies like EverHotHub significantly reduce heat loss more than older designs such as those employed in many traditional Agas which were launched several decades ago.

The Environmental Impact

Beyond monetary gains though, there’s another critical aspect we mustn’t overlook – our environmental impact. The diminished fuel usage not only saves money but also contributes towards reducing carbon emissions linked with burning fossil fuels for home heating purposes; essentially aligning with Everhot’s approach toward sustainability.

  • Consider Our Earlier Example:

If we revisit our earlier example again; using an EverHot instead of a comparable Aga would result in almost half less CO2 being released into our atmosphere within just ten years. That’s quite significant if green living choices are part of your lifestyle ethos without having to compromise on functionality or style inside your kitchen space.

Key Takeaway: 

Everhot cookers are a game-changer in the range cooker market, offering significant energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. They consume less fuel than traditional AGA models, leading to lower running costs and CO2 emissions – making them an ideal choice for those seeking style without sacrificing sustainability.

Renewable Energy and Low Running Costs: Everhot’s Winning Strategy

In the realm of range cookers, there is a brand that stands out for its commitment to energy efficiency – Everhot. Despite performing slightly worse in terms of heat output compared to other similar models on the market, it compensates with impressively low running costs.

This unique strategy not only cuts down energy usage, but also can result in considerable savings eventually.

Easy Installation & Relocation: The Convenience Factor

The beauty of an Everhot cooker lies not just in its performance but also in its simplicity when it comes to installation and relocation. Unlike traditional ranges requiring complex flues or pipes, setting up your new Everhot could be as easy as plugging into a standard socket.

  1. No intricate pipework means hassle-free installation.
  2. Moving homes? Your beloved cooker can easily move along without any complications.

A Perfect Match For Green Homes

  • Eco-conscious homeowners will appreciate how seamlessly these electric-only models integrate with renewable energy systems like solar panels or wind turbines.
  • If you’re keen on reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying culinary adventures at home, choosing an Everhot won’t disappoint.

Customisation – On Trend Colour Choices

When it comes to modern kitchen appliances, Everhot has raised the bar with its diverse range of colour options. Understanding that aesthetics hold equal importance as functionality in today’s kitchens, Everhot offers a broad spectrum for customers to choose from.

This level of personalisation allows homeowners to select an Everhot cooker that perfectly complements their kitchen decor. Whether you’re drawn towards traditional hues or vibrant colours, there’s something within the Everhot range just for you.

A Palette That Caters To All Tastes

The brand boasts up to fifteen different shades on offer. This includes classic tones such as black and white along with more daring choices like burgundy, teal, and tangerine. The wide selection caters not only to individual preferences but also ensures compatibility across various interior design styles.

If subtlety appeals more than striking contrasts, then muted shades like sage green or dove grey may catch your eye; whereas if making a statement aligns better with your style goals, then bolder options like royal blue or rich red could be what makes sense.

Finding Your Perfect Match With Ease

To aid potential buyers in visualising how these cookers would look in their own homes before committing financially, Everhot developed ‘Visualiser’, an innovative online tool. It enables users to see each colour option blend into different settings, thus ensuring they’ve found exactly what they need prior to purchase commitment.

In essence, this thoughtful approach demonstrates once again why choosing Everhot stands out when considering both style and substance as equally important aspects.

Pricing – What’s The Damage?

Investing in an Everhot range cooker is indeed a significant financial commitment. Considering the advantages and characteristics it has, it’s difficult to overlook its worth.

The price point for these high-quality cookers may seem steep compared to other standard ovens or even some ranges. However, taking into account what they bring to your kitchen space makes them worth considering.

1. Understand Your Investment

An EverHot Range Cooker, with prices starting from £6,575, might initially give pause for thought; however, let’s take a closer look at what this investment entails: versatility as both a cooking appliance and a heat source; handbuilt craftsmanship promising durability; energy efficiency that leads to lower running costs over time; simplicity in installation and relocation due to no requirement for complex flues or pipes – all wrapped up in aesthetically pleasing designs offering up fifteen colour options.

2. Compare With Other Brands

In comparison with traditional AGA cookers, which often carry higher upfront costs along with ongoing fuel expenses due to their less efficient design, choosing an Everhot appears financially sound. Furthermore, future savings are possible through reduced energy bills given their ‘trickle feed’ consumption of under 13 amps; perfect if you’re utilising renewable sources like solar panels or water turbines.

4. Value For Money? You Decide.

If budget permits and good craftsmanship coupled with modern technology appeals whilst being environmentally conscious, then investing in an EverHot Range Cooker seems logical indeed. When viewed holistically, such investments could make sense, especially considering how versatile yet functional they prove themselves within any home setting while also adding aesthetic appeal thanks to the customization possibilities available across various models on offer today. An Everhot won’t disappoint anyone looking forward to achieving an efficient range cooker combining functionality and style alongside unique features including ease of installation and relocation, plus numerous customization options amongst others too, making it a worthwhile addition to every household out there.

Key Takeaway: 

Despite the initial hefty price tag, an Everhot range cooker is a savvy investment. It’s not just a cooking appliance; it’s also an energy-efficient heat source with easy installation and relocation perks. Coupled with handcrafted durability and aesthetic appeal, you’re getting real bang for your buck.

Why Choose an Everhot? A Comprehensive Look

In the quest for an efficient range cooker, you’ve found a winner in Everhot. But what makes it stand out from other cookers on the market?

This isn’t just about choosing a cooking appliance; investing in an Everhot is making a statement about functionality, style, and sustainability.

The Unique Features that Make It Stand Out

An Everhot won’t disappoint if efficiency and versatility are high on your list. Its design ensures consistent temperature even when lids are lifted – ideal during colder months where both heating and culinary prowess come into play.

Beyond its practicality lies aesthetic appeal. With fifteen colour options available for customization, there’s bound to be one that matches your kitchen decor perfectly, whether traditional or contemporary.

A Sustainable Choice

  1. If energy efficiency ranks high among your priorities, then look no further. These ranges operate on less than 13 amps, making them suitable even if you’re using renewable energy sources like solar panels or water turbines at home.
  2. Moving homes? No worries. The lack of complicated flues or pipes means relocation is not going to be problematic – another advantage over other types of range cookers which require professional servicing before moving safely.
  3. Pricing-wise, Everhots start from £6,575 – a substantial sum but worth considering given their features coupled with low running costs due to efficient power usage compared against traditional AGA models. Evidence suggests that when set at similar temperatures as Traditional AGAs, Everhots emit around 60% less heat resulting in lower fuel consumption, thus reducing operating expenses considerably over time.

In essence, the decision to invest in an Everhot equates not only to buying into quality craftsmanship but also to aligning yourself with sustainable practices while enjoying delicious meals prepared efficiently all year round.

Key Takeaway: 

Everhot cookers are a top-notch investment, offering an unbeatable mix of efficiency, style and sustainability. They’re versatile, easy to move, energy-efficient and available in various colours – perfect for any kitchen. Plus, they can reduce your operating costs over time.

FAQs in Relation to Everhot

Is an Everhot worth it?

Absolutely. The blend of energy efficiency, versatility, and stylish design makes Everhot a worthwhile investment for any kitchen.

Is Everhot environmentally friendly?

Yes, designed to work on low power ‘trickle feed’, they’re suitable for renewable energy sources like solar panels and water turbines.

Is Everhot as good as AGA?

In terms of heat emission and running costs, an Everhot outperforms traditional AGAs while providing similar cooking capabilities.

Is Everhot expensive to run?

No, compared to other range cookers, the running costs of an Everhot are relatively lower due to their efficient use of electricity.


Everhot cookers are a blend of efficiency and style. Since their introduction in the 1970s, Everhot cookers have made significant strides.

Their versatility is impressive, offering both cooking facilities and heat for your kitchen.

They stand out with features like constant temperature maintenance even when lids are lifted. Their best-selling model, Everhot 120i, boasts three large ovens and an induction hob.

In terms of energy efficiency, they outperform traditional AGA cookers by emitting about 60% less heat at the same temperature setting. This results in lower fuel usage and running costs.

Despite slightly higher initial investment compared to other range cookers, Everhots offer value through low running costs thanks to their ‘trickle feed’ design suitable for renewable energy sources such as solar panels or water turbines.

The installation process is straightforward without the need for servicing or complicated flues or pipes, making relocation easy if you decide to move homes.

Aesthetically pleasing too! With up to fifteen colour options available, there’s an Everhot cooker that can match any kitchen decor perfectly!

In conclusion: If you’re looking for an efficient range cooker that combines functionality with style – look no further than Everhot.

The Rise of Everhot

Launched years ago by owner Ossie Goring, Everhot’s aim was simple – create a cooker that performs as well as an AGA but with more flexibility and efficiency. This blue sky thinking means that whilst everhots perform slightly worse than their counterparts in some aspects, they excel in others.

From the compact yet powerful 60 series to the expansive Everhot 150 model, there’s a size and style for every kitchen. The end result? A range that not only looks good but is also practical for modern living.

Cleaning Your EverHot Cooker

Maintaining your cooker’s pristine condition might seem like a daunting task at first glance – especially if it’s been through quite a short lifetime of heavy use already! But don’t fret; we thought we’d share some top tips on cleaning your beloved appliance:

  • Fresh Cuppa: Start by making yourself a fresh cuppa because you’ve found one job where tea breaks make sense!
  • Daily Wipe Down: Keep on top of spills immediately after they occur to prevent them from becoming baked-on problems later down the line.
  • OvenGleamers’ Service: If all else fails or if you simply want professional help once in ten years or so, OvenGleamers offer a comprehensive Everhot cleaning service that leaves your range cooker looking as good as new.

The Everhot Advantage

Everhot ranges boast an array of features not found in traditional AGA cookers. For instance, the Everhot 120i model ran with independent controls for each oven and hotplate. This allows you to use only what you need, saving on energy costs.

So if you’re after a stylish yet practical addition to your kitchen, then look no further than an EverHot Range Cooker.


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