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Everhot Cleaning Challenge

By Graham Rogers

Everhot Cooker is the dirtiest ever.

Just before Easter a couple of weeks ago I was out cleaning. We had an Everhot booked in and I decided to do it myself. It was a four oven Everhot and the owners also wanted the two top plate rope seals to be replaced.

Normally this sort of job would take me at the most 3 hours (and about another 45 mins to replace the lid rope seals). But as soon as I saw this cooker I know I had my work cut out.  It was very dirty and the top plates were very rusty. In all it took me six and a quarter hours to clean this Everhot.

Why were the top plates rusty? See my article in the knowledge centre here where I also talk through how to fix them.

Here is what the Everhot looked like the beginning before the clean:

Here is the Everhot after the clean

The clean took me six and a quarter hours in total. The reason it took so long was that that carbon was solid and was very difficult to get off. And the reason the carbon was 'welded' on was because the house had been rented out and the tenants had been using the Everhot like a normal cooker - switching it on when they needed it and switching it off when they didn't. They didn't need it for heating the kitchen as the kitchen had underfloor heating.

I also took some time putting on the new lid seals.


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