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5 Reasons to Buy a Mercury Range Cooker

By Graham Rogers

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Here are five reasons to buy a Mercury Range Cooker.

1. They are just beautiful to look at. All that stainless steel (if it is stainless steel they also come in different colous), and those large knobs means they are just easy on the eye. They just look so chunky and professional a proper cooker.

2. They will save you a whole load of money compared with an AGA cooker. You can get the whole range and overhead canopy for half the price of an AGA and you don't have to pay out the AGA running costs of £25 a week or the installation costs of an AGA cooker.

3. The way the ignition works on the hob is a delight, just turn the knobs and the gas rings burst into life.

4. They are so easy to clean so says our Oven Cleaning man from OvenGleam; we just call them out when it gets dirty. (they aren't that easy as it happens as it takes about 3 hours and it's heavy work and we have to strip them right down but you'll be pleased by the results)

5. The neighbours will be green with envy as you have a semi professional range in your kitchen and they haven't.  I think this is true I certainly think they are just a fanastic cooking machine.

If you are looking for one in the south west of england I have seen demonstrations of them at Spillers of Chard they have a special Mercury Range Cooker kitchen. Also see the link below to see how you can use the Mercury to get yourself fit too!

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