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Switch Your AGA Cooker Off For The Summer?

By Graham Rogers

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Do You Switch Your AGA Cooker Off For The Summer?

Do you switch your AGA cooker off for the Summer? Well we don’t. I think I mentioned before in a previous post that we left our AGA cooker on for last Summer and it looks like we are going to keep it on again this year. Yesterday the weather was beautiful and we the kitchen was very hot! We opened the doors and the windows though and then we didn’t notice! :-). I think this is the normal reaction of an AGA owner.

This is contrary to what the Chief Executive of AGA Rangemaster believes is the case. In the 2009  AGA Cooker Green debate with George Monbiot of the Guardian he stated his belief is that most AGA cooker owners switch their AGA cooker off for the Summer and use their conventional cooker instead. George asked him where his figures were and I’d agree with this as I have cleaned hundreds of AGAs and for me though a lot of people do switch their AGAs off for the Summer, there are still quite a lot who don’t. Even when they have a conventional oven as well. They still leave the AGA on in the hot months of the UK weather.

My advice is that if you do switch it off for the Summer, get it cleaned by us. Give us a call on 0800 45 82 357. And at the same day get your AGA serviced (if it needs it). It’s best to get it cleaned first, so book us in for the morning and your AGA service in the afternoon. We recommend in the South West of England  for AGA Servicing Spillers of Chard or ring them on 01460 67878.

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