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5 Ovens I Love To Clean

By Graham Rogers

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Here is my top five Ovens I Love to Clean with the best at number 1 šŸ˜‰

After my post of my top five ovens I hate to clean here is my list of my top five ovens I love to clean:


1. AGA Cooker. Well it had to be number one and is the reason I clean so many of them. They are far better, and easier to clean that a double oven range cooker, and you get a great feeling from the result and so does the customer, and they pay accordingly. Really the AGA was how I got into oven cleaning and if I could clean them everyday I would.

2. The Mercury Double Oven Range. A fantastic looking cooker with the great electronic knobs that contol the burns. Easy to clean as it hasn't been around for too long and the ones I have seen so far haven't required a full strip down – though of course this may change over time.

3. The Rangemaster 110. Every body who has one seems to love them and we just see lots and lots of them. Easy doors to clean as sealed – though I have been told that the newer ones have slits in the sides; oh dear.

4. The Bosch standard double oven. It usually is a relatively easy clean and as the doors are sealed there isn't a requirement to take the door apart and clean inside and if you have to it is just a case of flipping the glass off. It has that 'easy clean' grey enamel which needs some work but the end result is special.

5. The AEG standard double oven – Again easy access to door glass and oven bits are a dream to clean.


You probably can see a trend here it's the nice quality standard doubles with lots of self cleaning bits and sealed doors I like and the top three are all made by the same company are made by AGA Rangemaster. I don't like all of their products by the way, the AGA Master Chef is a really awful range which is very cheap finish and feel.

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