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  • Owner: Duane Smith
  • Hours: Mon To Sat 8:30am - 5:00pm
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Duane Smith is your oven cleaning specialist in St Albans and the towns and villages in the area. He has gained the OvenGleamers wealth of oven cleaning experience and expertise on the OvenGleamers Training Course. His expert knowledge on how to clean ovens, range cookers and AGAs to the highest standard, using ECO Products,  means you'll find it difficult to find anyone better in the area.

Duane used to have his own business as a Milkman but when the company changed the way they employed their delivery man, Duane wanted an opportunity where he could still have his own local business.  Now he runs his own local OvenGleamers business. His hobbies include drinking ale and watching his daughter play rugby.

Find out more about Duane and his oven cleaning services below:

Welcome To OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning Service in St Albans

We are Domestic Oven Professionals offering a premium service to cleaning all types and sizes of ovens. We are experts at cleaning Range and Aga Cleaning cookers.

  • Have you just noticed how dirty your oven is and need it to be perfectly clean again?
  • Have you thought about doing it yourself but don't want to bring any dangerous chemicals into your home that might harm your pets or children?
  • Have you noticed that the only thing in your kitchen that is dirty is your oven and you think people will notice how dirty it is?

Well I can help you.  I’m Duane  and I am the OvenGleamers St Albans Franchisee.

Have a look at this page you'll find some buttons on it that you can click to put in your details. The friendly ladies in the office will get back to with a quote (in office hours). Or ring them now on 0800 45 82 357

Did you know that cleaning the oven is right up the top in the list of things people just hate doing? But I don't. I have been trained in a process to clean your oven safely and quickly. Cleaning ovens is my business and I enjoy getting your oven perfectly clean.

OvenGleamers St Albans also operate in the surrounding areas of Harpenden, Hatfield, Potters Bar, Welwyn & Welwyn Garden City.

Unlike most of our competitors we really do use a 100% caustic free process in your home. It's quick easy and we achieve an amazing result on every oven.

We clean Ovens, Hobs and Extractors. Range cookers of all types and sizes. We are experts at cleaning the larger range cookers and AGA Cookers and cookers similiar to the AGA, such as the Everhot.  We also clean BBQ and BBQ grills of all sizes.

We get your oven very clean. The oven is stripped down and all the parts we can remove (such as covers, fan, shelves, trays) are put into a hot tank in our van.

If the bulb needs replacing that is included in the price we quote you.

So whether you require a one off clean or want to use our services on a regular basis to keep your oven looking great, please give us a call.

I am professionally trained to carry out this service and am also fully insured. 

For more details and to discuss your oven cleaning requirements further, please call the OvenGleamers Team on 0800 45 82 357 or click the request a quote button.

Easy To Book Oven Cleaning St Albans With One Call Does It All

For oven cleaning St Albans give us a ring and we can give you a quote and book you straight in. No having to phone around to get a quote, or waiting for a call back (9am to 5pm). We make it easy for you to get an appointment. Give us a ring on 

0800 802 1076 (Click To Call)

Don't worry … you’ve found St Albans number one domestic ECO oven cleaning service!

OVENGLEAMERS St Albans has been providing superior oven cleaning services in St Albans and across the UK since 2004. Our professional oven cleaners are Fast, Safe and Thorough. They are professionally trained and insured.

We are domestic oven cleaning experts, and our oven cleaning experts take great pride in every job they do in every house that they clean in.

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OVENGLEAMERS St Albans professional oven cleaning service provides a service to clean all sorts of ovens from the smallest single oven to the largest big range cooker. We also provide a service to clean hobs, extractors and splash backs to ensure that the complete job is done.

Contact us today, by clicking the link at the top of this page for a free, no-obligation, over the phone exact and fully inclusive quote of your kitchen appliance cleaning requirements. We are affordable, and our service is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Our goal is to clean your oven, hob and extractor to the highest standard, doing the full strip down deep clean giving you the best result and giving you more time to do the things you really enjoy.

Area Covered: Professional Oven Cleaning Services In:

St Albans and surrounding area of Hertfordshire

AGA Cleaning St Albans

We have been AGA cleaning since 2004. We do the full professional deep clean. So for AGA Cleaning St Albans  give us a call.
That is we clean:

All the enamel on the outside of the AGA. 
The inside and outside of the lids. 
The inside of the doors. 
The shiny strip just inside the ovens. 
On 4 and 5 Oven AGAs we clean the inside of ovens 3/4 or 4/5.

We can replace rope seals on the AGA lids and AGA doors (Please ask us for a quote).

Great Service. Easy to organise, friendly service, good value.

Norma Jenkins
St Albans
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Oven Cleaning Services in St Albans That We Provide:

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