We’ve had some more lovely testimonials!


June 8, 2016

We love hearing about happy customers, not just for the staff working from our Bristol office, but also, our franchisees all over the country.


We are really lucky that we have such a lovely team across the UK, did you realise how far we cover? Have a look at these wonderful comments from previous customers, and if you’d like a quote, or would like to book one of our lovely local operatives, give us a call 01275 370571.


070616 John Rorke

070616 Bob Corwin

070616 Andrew Scott

070616 Alan

Well done to you all! And thank you for making us in the office look good!

About the author 

Sam Burton

Samantha Burton. OvenGleamers Office Social Media Guru. Sam is also one the delightful people who answers the phone in the OvenGleamers office. Before OvenGleamers Sam has done lots of different roles from being a Tour Guide in Paris, to appearing in the BBC TV series Casualty more than a few times as an extra. She was killed off one week and was in the next episode the following week as a new character.

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