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By Sam Burton

We love hearing about how happy our customers are, and occasionally, they go out of their way to give us a call to let us know how pleased they are.


Why not have a read through a few of the calls I’ve had this week.


120516 Bob Corwin


Bob is one of our newest Franchisees, he operates around North Devon. His favourite appliance to gleam are AGAs, but as he is a perfectionist, he is also the ideal operative for gleaming single and double ovens, as well as Range cookers.

If you live in the North Devon area, you may occasionally see Bob and his wife Lynda at local garden centres, and fetes, especially as the sun starts to come out.



120516 Neil Harper


Neil is also relatively new to the OvenGleamers fleet. He is our Nottingham operative, and last August, Neil spent 2 weeks training with us here at head office.

We’ve had a lot of great testimonials about Neil since he started, here’s just one for you.

Neil is definitely a people person, and his customers enjoy talking to him while he works.




160516 Matt Owen


Matt has been a part of OvenGleamers for over two years now, and the attention to detail that he puts into his work is reflected in the amount of returning customers Matt has.

Matt’s diary is always packed! He is in high demand, so if you’re in the Fareham or Gosport areas, and your appliance is in need of a gleam, we recommend giving as much notice as possible so you don’t miss out!




Want to know if we have an operative in your area? Visit our website, pop in the first part of your postcode, and we will tell you if we cover your area, or you can call our office, and Nicola or Sam will be able to help you, 01275 370571.







About the Author

Samantha Burton. OvenGleamers Office Social Media Guru. Sam is also one the delightful people who answers the phone in the OvenGleamers office. Before OvenGleamers Sam has done lots of different roles from being a Tour Guide in Paris, to appearing in the BBC TV series Casualty more than a few times as an extra. She was killed off one week and was in the next episode the following week as a new character.