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OvenGleamers Full Strip Down Clean

Full Strip Down Clean

How we cleaned in 2004...

When Graham started the business in 2004 he went on a course with an established oven cleaning company. The method they used, and which we adopted until 2007,  was to fit in 5 or more oven cleans in a day and do a really fast clean. The method included not taking ovens apart. So if an oven had self cleaning sides then they wouldn't be cleaned. The enamel around them would but not the panels. The fan wasn't cleaned. The fan cover wasn't removed. We did however use eco cleaning products in the home from the start.

Now The Full Strip Down Clean...

After seeing one of our competitors jobs in 2007 we decided to do the full strip down deep cleans, to ensure everything was cleaned to a high standard. So now we do the full strip down clean. A lot of our competitors still don't do this. We know that most don't clean the fan of an oven, a lot don't clean the ceiling of the oven. Some charge extra for doing this and for stripping down the door, taking the door off etc.

A lot of companies offering cheap prices use shop bought caustic cleaning products that do serious damage to your oven as they are sprayed on and not removed properly: in particular fast rusting away of enamel, screws, shelfs, and damage to heating elements.

We also know that most of our competitors also use a cleaning product called SmokeClean which is very high concentrate of Potassium Hydroxide, if not cleaned off properly your oven will rust.

OvenGleamers Full Strip Down Deep Clean Process - we use Eco Products:

1. We check the functionality of your cooker and check for damaged or parts that need replacing.
2. We remove what we can of the oven, including any self cleaning panels. So the racks, side racks, and fan cover.
3. We clean the fan of the oven.
4. We clean the self cleaning panels.
5. We put all the bits we can into our hot tank in our van to clean them.
6. We then manually clean the rest of the oven with an ECO cleaning product: vegetable paste (Leaping Bunny Certified Product) - that is safe for you oven, AGA, and safe for you, your family and pets. We ensure the whole oven cavity is complete clean and free of all grease and burnt on carbon.
7. We ensure the ceiling of your oven is cleaned, around the grill element.
8. We clean the grill element.
9. We reassemble your oven.
10.We replace the bulb if required. The price of a replacement bulb is included in the price of the clean.

11. We clean the floor in front of your oven, we clean your sink if we have used it.
12. We show you that we have cleaned all the components of your oven.
13. We ensure that everything has been cleaned to your satisfaction.