Our Franchise Package

The Franchise Package Story

Our franchise package has changed and been developed since we sold our first franchise package to our first franchisee in 2010.

We have made changes, improvements and updates to ensure that each franchisee is trained up to the highest standard in all our processes and systems. We believe  the OvenGleamers current package in 2021 is our best ever oven cleaning franchise offering.

It out performs all of our competitors offerings at every level.

We have changed the whole franchise package to make sure that it is fully comprehensive. We will provide you with everything that you will need to be able to clean ovens. The products we give you will ensure you will be able to clean for three months without having to buy any more products.

We have recently upgraded our support with Edward Farrow joining us as our new Franchisee Development Manager who keeps track and helps with your development as a franchisee by using our Marketing Business Tracker. He can also provide technical assistance on your jobs. We have upgraded our technical support, adding to our existing phone support a WhatsApp group where franchisees can get immediate assistance from other franchisees. We have now a Public Relations company to get you PR in your local area.

Initial Practical Oven Cleaning Franchise Training:

We have developed our own unique oven cleaning training course for our OvenGleamers franchisees.

This takes place at OvenGleamers Training Academy in Bristol

On the first day we go through: our oven cleaning process, our oven cleaning products, our oven cleaning business tools, use of our oven cleaning dip tank and how to strip down an oven. How to take doors off and strip then down. Go through our before cleaning processes. A first real world oven clean.

Then for the rest of that week and two days of the following week: real world oven cleaning training. You will be doing real world oven cleans. These will be oven cleans in our customers' homes (of our customers of OvenGleamers Bristol) and will as we find them with varying degrees of job size and difficulty - just as you would expect on your day to day cleans when you are going about your day to day work in your own business.

We ensure that you clean all types and sizes of cookers including range cookers and AGA cookers. You will also clean hobs and extractors of all types. You will be doing all the cleaning with the assistance of one of our trainers. You will clean your first oven on the second day of your training. You will learn our in house cleaning processes and systems.

We have a sign off day where we ensure that you are up to the standard to work on your own.

Business Training With Catherine

So after you have done your practical training you will then do  3 days business training with Catherine Rogers.

Setting up all online platforms - Facebook Business Page, Google Business Profile.

How to gain and manage reviews for your business and how to use our reviews app.

How to market and grow your local business.

How to manage your business accounts.

How to manage your customer list using our email automation system and newsletters.

How to put in right figures into the OvenGleamers Business Tracker.

Van - Mercedes Citan

All our franchisees use the same van the Mercedes Citan van. We moved to this van in 2013 and were the first company in the UK to use this van.

We currently (January 2023) have 40 OvenGleamers vans in the network all of which are Citans and are identical. New for 2023 we will be having the new Mercedes Citan van with deliveries starting in February 2023. This van was International Van Of The Year 2022.

The new Citan is larger on the inside so is comfortable for you whatever you size.

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We have two different variations:

1. Petrol van with two side doors and rear barn doors. 

2. The electric variant as above - which is expected to being delivered in May of 2023. 

We still don't know if a tailgate version will become available.

So as new franchisee you would have a new van that will last you the five years of your franchisee term. If you renew your franchise term for another five years you can use the same van for another five years.

The van is fitted out in the two weeks that you carry out your training and will be ready for you drive home in it ready to start cleaning your customers ovens  the following week.

We are currently sourcing nearly new second hand Citan vans for new franchisees.

New Citan Review here

The van fit out.

Our vans are professionally fitted out. 

This fit includes a rear work area being built into the van which is sprayed and made watertight with the product Speedliner. 

A new plastic insulated dip tank (our own unique design), and a rinse system which includes the rinse water tank, pump system, and rinse wand.

We add a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and a ladder to the inside compartment.

Your OvenGleamers van is delivered completely fitted out and sign written with your own local phone number on the side.

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

We use a plastic insulated electrically heated dip tank which we consider to be the safest and easiest way to heat up a solution so that we can remove the difficult to remove carbon and grease from oven parts.

We have our own design and we are the only oven cleaning franchise to fit an insulated dip tank to our van fit.

An insulated dip tank means the tank can be heated up at home for just one hour at the start of the day and no further heating is required. This means no cables have to be run (compared with metal uninsulated dip tanks that have to be heated up at each job) and the van can be left completely unattended (compared with gas heated dip tank users who have to stay with the van whilst the tank is heated up at each job).

With our system we go into the customers home, strip the oven down, take the parts outside and put the oven parts into the dip tank and leave them for minimum of 30 minutes and then remove them, rinse them off (with rinse system) and dry them off and that is it. Compare this with a gas system and the significant increase in time taken on each job with at least 20 minutes of scrubbing when you remove the parts from the dip tank. And some systems require carrying buckets of water from the customers house to the van to fill up the dip tank at every home.

We have never used or considered using a gas heated dip tank which means we also don't have to worry about the expense to get a van fit to comply with the new Health and Safety Executive guidelines to prevent van explosions or ongoing maintenance costs that users of that system have to pay.

Our oven cleaning products

Graham started OvenGleamers in 2004 and then went through lots of different processes before coming up with the easiest and simplest way to clean ovens. This includes our products.

We just now use a vegetable paste to clean the oven and a stainless steel cleaner. We have used the same products for 17 years. Our process means we clean ovens cold and we remove the grease and carbon using a completely Eco cleaning method.

We did look at the suppliers and products which all our franchise competitors use (who mostly use the products from the same manufacturing company) and surprisingly even though they say they are Eco products most of our franchise competitors and nearly all of our independent competitors use strong alkaline products to clean ovens in the home. This means they should be using safety processes  to use them to make them safe for the operator (oven cleaner) and the householder and added protection should to be incorporated into their processes to protect kitchen surfaces.

OvenGleamers don't clean ovens hot or (where possible) clean them with the electricity supply to the oven on.

Launch Marketing Strategy

We have a £6000 sales guarantee - so we guarantee £6000 in sales for your business in 12 weeks of  your launch. Terms and Conditions apply. We do this in two ways:

1. Your initial launch marketing in included in start-up franchise package - this is worth £1000s to you.   This marketing package includes local Press Releases, online advertising (Google advertising) and bespoke adverts in local magazines.   You will also be booked for in for a promotion day in your area (in a shopping centre or market).  

2. We ensure that you start forming the habits of a good business owner by helping you to do the things that we know you need to do on regular basis to grow your business at its fastest rate.

By doing this we will together work out the best performing advertising media in your area.

When you start paying for your own marketing at month four you will know what works so will know what advertising to invest in to give you the best Return on Investment.

Branded Set Of Uniform and Stationery

We give a full set of branded uniform with polo shirts, a fleece, a rain coat, beanie hat and trousers.

Also you are supplied with a full stationery pack including business cards, 20,000 personalised leaflets (for you to deliver in your local area) and fridge magnets.

Video Production

We film, edit and post on social media four videos for you to use in your local business.

Optimised Web Page

You will have your own local web page on our national site. This will be optimised to rank highly in Google and Bing for  the phrases that people use most when searching for oven cleaning services in your area.

The list does not end there!

1.   You van is fitted out with all the equipment, tools and cleaning supplies to get your started.

2.  Your franchise territory covers an area of at least 60,000 households (more in rural areas)

3. The OvenGleamers Bookings Team handle your day to day enquires - taking calls from customers whilst you work.  They will take the calls, make appointments and take payment in advance for your bookings.

4.  Set up of your local page on the high-converting OvenGleamers website, your Facebook Business Page, Google Business Profile, YouTube Videos and Videos on Google.

5.  A technical and marketing support package unrivalled by our competitors.

Want to find out more?  Then book a call with Catherine Rogers, Co-Franchisor, to have an initial no-obligation chat.

Why not book a call with Catherine who will talk through the opportunity of building a business in your area.

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