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Range Cooker Cleaning Service.

Rangemaster Range Cleaning

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Easy To Book Range Cleaning For Your Range Cooker

We will solve these dirty range cooker problems for you:

1. Can't see through the glass in your range cooker door. We will clean the glass so it is perfectly clean and you can see your food when it's cooking.

2. Greasy Grill Compartment smokes when you use it. We will clean your grill compartment fully and also the area around the grill stopping it from smoking.

3. Black burnt on carbon on your shelves and side racks just make your oven look very dirty. We will clean them so they look as new, along with the whole of the internal oven including th efan cover and the fan itself.

4. Your range cooker burners are black. We will bring back the shine so they look as new and also degrease the pan stands on the top of your cooker.

Our Story It's All About Range Cooker Cleaning

Our founder, Graham Rogers, started OvenGleamers, in 2004,  with the view to becoming Range Cooker and AGA cleaning experts.  He saw that no one in then oven cleaning market were experts in cleaning the larger range cookers, including the AGA style cookers.

We have developed a method which means we can clean your range cooker to the highest standard using ECO products. These are a lot safer in your kitchen and also means that your range cooker life will be extended. Most of competitors use caustic products to clean the internals of your cooker. If the residue isn't removed properly your oven will rust quickly over time.

Most people and even oven cleaning companies find range cookers too difficult to clean.  To do a full proper clean they need expertise to take them apart and a specialist oven cleaning tank to dip those parts that are too difficult to clean manually.

We remove all the bits that can be removed from your range cooker and put them into our safe oven cleaning dip tank. It safe as we don't have to heat anything up at your home like a large number of our competitors. We don't use gas burners to heat our tank up at your property, we heat it up at the start of the day and it retains it heat all day without further heating up.

It's Not Easy Cleaning Range Cookers

Removing grease from a range cooker isn't an easy task. They are hard to remove and when they get burnt on the carbon is very difficult to remove. Range cookers are usually owned by people who love cooking. So they are used a lot more than most other sizes of ovens. This means they get dirtier.

The reason a lot of competitors don't want to clean them is that they are difficult to clean. But over the years we have developed our expertise to get the best end results from your range cleaning. So you can be assured of the best results.

To do it yourself will need some added expertise, and a lot of time and effort.

Our local range cleaning service means we will have a local franchisee close to you who will be offer our high standard range cleaning service.

We are the most trusted range cooker cleaning company in the UK. Please look at our amazing testimonials. These are updated on a daily basis.

Range cookers aren't cheap so why risk damage by getting in a 'cheap oven cleaner' or someone who will use dangerous products in your home?  

DIY oven cleaning is messy and difficult to do. We make it very easy to book in your range cooker for cleaning. Our expert staff are friendly and helpful.

Don't live with a dirty cooker in your kitchen. Get it clean and remove the embarrassment of having something that looks dirty in your ktichen. Give us a ring on 0800 011 9637 or click the request a quote button, put in your details and we will get right back to you.

Our favourite range cookers include Everhot, Falcon, Mercury, Rangemaster 110, AGA Series 6 (6:4), SMEG, LaCanche, Belling, Kenwood, Stoves, 

All AGA Traditional Cookers including the new 7 series,  and AGA Style ranges such as: Esse, Stanley, Everhot, Alpha, Rayburn, Redfyre, Noble, Heritage, Sandyford, 

Everhot Cooker Cleaning

When AGA Cookers starting becoming very popular other companies came up with better electric cooker designs that are often better liked than the equivalent AGA models.

Everhots are made in Gloucestershire and are a super cooking machine. Everhot produced the first all electric range cooker that worked like an AGA but was cheaper to run. But cleaning Everhots to the highest standard is difficult as they have powder coated 'painted' finishes (in contrast to AGAs enamel finish) and a more robust, semi-commercial, framework to them. 

As Everhot's are difficult to clean you can't just call in any oven cleaning company to clean them. Because most oven cleaning companies use products (non Eco high pH products) in the home that can potentially cause extensive damage to the finishes of the cooker.

OvenGleamers only use a vegetable paste (and some stainless steel cleaner) in your home to clean your Everhot - which is perfectly safe for your Everhot, children and pets. We do have a stronger chemical solution in our van mounted oven cleaning dip tank and we can dip all the stainless steel parts of your Everhot bringing it up perfectly without having to scrub them.

Since January 2024 OvenGleamers are the only oven cleaning company recommended by Everhot themselves. OvenGleamers can get your Everhot looking as new and can also replace the lid seals and the door seals for you.

Click here to see our Everhot Cooker Cleaning Service Details:

LaCanche Range Cleaning

LaCanche range cookers are the South Of France range cooker. Also loved as they are very sturdy and the superior quality just shines through.

People have difficulty in cleaning them though as the older ones don't have lights in and have brass control knobs and burner tops.

Our OvenGleamers oven cleaning experts will clean your LaCanche range until it gleams.

Britannia Range Cooker Cleaning

Britannia Range cookers are a super range cooker to have in your kitchen.

We have been cleaning them since we started and can remove all the grease and carbon from them.

Also with the Britannia range we can bring the shine back to the brass burners.

They are not a cooker that you would try to clean using a shop bought cleaning kit as they have 'painted' exterior. Also an inexperienced oven cleaning company may attempt to clean them as though they are enamel and ruin them.

We have been cleaning them for years and will use our Eco Cleaning process to clean your Britannia Range to the highest standard.

Bertazzoni Range Cooker

The Bertazzoni Range cooker from Italy are top end range cookers that really brighten up your kitchen with their Italian car colour themes.

If you are trying to clean them yourself be aware of the following:

1. They have a 'painted' finish.
2. The doors are difficult to remove if you don't know the knack. Here is how we do it.

Our OvenGleamers oven cleaning experts will clean your Bertazzoni range cooker until it gleams.

Rangemaster Range Cleaning

The Rangemaster Range Cooker is a very popular range cooker. People just love them as they cook very well and look like a traditional farm house range cooker.They can be difficult to clean though

We've cleaned hundreds of Rangemasters over the years.  As they have self cleaning panels inside the ovens, which come out, they can be fully stripped down and completely cleaned - that is the area behind the self cleaning panels cleaned perfectly. The end result is an amazing looking range cooker. 

So it means that we can take the dirtiest and blackest (black from burnt on carbon) Rangemaster and bring it back to looking as new.

Rayburn Range Cleaning

We have been cleaning Rayburn Cookers from when we started in 2004 and we have cleaned all ages of Rayburns from the oldest to the newest style.

We completely remove all the burnt on carbon and grease from your Rayburn to bring back the shine.

All OvenGleamers have been trained to be clean Rayburns and other AGA style range cookers.

Mercury Range Cleaning

Mercury ranges are elegant cookers with a modern look and sophisticated control knobs.

We clean lots of Mercury cookers bringing  back the 'as new' gleam. They can be difficult to clean as you need to know what your are doing to remove the side racks in the main ovens and the enamel flooring.

Falcon Range Cleaning

Falcon ranges are the more prestigeous range cookers from AGA Rangemaster. They are a RangeMaster style but made to a higher standard with a heavier quality fittings, racks and construction.

If someone was looking at a Rangemaster 110 in a showroom this cooker may catch their eye as it is the premium version of the Rangemaster 110.

We have cleaned lots of  Falcon ranges to bring back the 'as new' shine.

Watch Our Oven Cleaning Process Video

Here Catherine Rogers talks through our Eco Oven cleaning process. We do the full strip down deep clean of your oven, range cooker, AGA Cooker, hob, extractor or BBQ.

Our EcoGleam Process is Safe For You, Your Pets and Your Cooker.

Over 2200 Five Star Reviews

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OvenGleamers Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 4069 customer reviews

Map of Clare, Suffolk CO10 8PQ

Very happy customer

Review of OvenGleamers
ClareSuffolkCO10 8PQ 52.07750.59

Was not disappointed

Map of Duxford, Cambridgeshire CB22 4QE

Great service

Review of OvenGleamers
DuxfordCambridgeshireCB22 4QE 52.090.1525

Looks good as new. It needed help and it was helped. First class service . Thank you.

Map of Lavenham, Suffolk CO10 9QR

So happy

Review of OvenGleamers
LavenhamSuffolkCO10 9QR 52.110.8

Steve did a brilliant job of my oven yesterday. It was embarrassingly dirty with burnt on oil and food (it had been neglected for so long). Steve worked like a trooper to make it shine again, it’s like new! There were no harsh chemicals involved which was great as I have young children and a baby home. Steve was super friendly and a pleasure to chat to while he worked. Would totally recommend.

Map of Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9FS

Great service

Review of OvenGleamers
Long MelfordSuffolkCO10 9FS 52.07750.73

Really pleased with my now like new oven. Friendly and so knowledgeable. Have recommended you to my daughter when it’s time for her oven clean Thank you

Map of Chilton, Suffolk CO10

Wow, what a clean!!

Review of OvenGleamers
ChiltonSuffolkCO10 52.05250.75

Such a through service. My oven looks brand new and all ready for Christmas!!

Map of Cavendish, Suffolk CO10 8BT

Excellent service!

Review of OvenGleamers
CavendishSuffolkCO10 8BT 52.0850.63

Never knew an oven could be so clean!! It looks like we've only just bought it! Stephen was so thorough and gave us some useful tips on keeping our oven spotless.

Map of Little Maplestead, Essex CO9 2SH

Great service! Lovely and sparkly

Review of OvenGleamers
Little MaplesteadEssexCO9 2SH 51.97750.665

Lovely and sparkly oven like brand new again. Gave me some great advice on how to keep clean in between having overgleamers come out - definitely recommend.

Map of Sible Hedingham, Essex CO9 3NT

Superb service

Review of OvenGleamers
Sible HedinghamEssexCO9 3NT 51.97750.58

Arrived on time, very professional. Has left our oven looking like new.

Map of Wickhambrook, Suffolk CB8 8WR


Review of OvenGleamers
WickhambrookSuffolkCB8 8WR 52.17250.55

Steve arrived on time and did an excellent job of cleaning my main oven.

Map of Sible Hedingham, Essex CO9

Brilliant service

Review of OvenGleamers
Sible HedinghamEssexCO9 51.98250.5725

Great service, The Range Master, looks new. Stephen Hall was very thorough Great Job, will use him again

Top Job - oven looks like new

Review of OvenGleamers
NewtonSuffolkCO10 0QJ 52.0350.7875

Brilliant job. No fuss. No mess. Just a brilliantly clean oven.

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
Little YeldhamEssexCO9 4QT 52.020.5775

Steve has done a fantastic job, my ovens have never looked so good! Would highly recommend!

Excellent job done.

Review of OvenGleamers
KedingtonSuffolkCB9 7NU 52.09250.4825

Oven cleaning

Review of OvenGleamers
TiptreeEssexCO5 0TX 51.81250.7425

Excellent service provided. Oven cleaned to high standard without any issues and no mess left. Would recommend.

Very impressed

Review of OvenGleamers
ClareSuffolkCO10 8QS 52.09250.555

My oven is looking fantastic, really pleased with the service I received.

Oven looks like new

Review of OvenGleamers
NaylandSuffolkCO6 4HT 51.97250.875

Stephen did a brilliant job on our Everhot. It is sparkling now

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
HartestSuffolkIP29 4NA 52.140.67

Transformed a greasy, sad old AGA into a shiny clean one. Delighted with the result. Thank you

Good clean, a professional service

Review of OvenGleamers
Great CornardSuffolkCO10 0DX 52.0350.755

Steve cleaned my grubby gas range oven for me. The oven hadn’t been working properly due to grime build up and it had been leaking out heat. Steve cleaned out the build up of grime from the jets, replaced the bulb and he even went as far as to look at the seals and to tighten up the door hinges. Whilst it is possible to get a cheaper clean, I appreciated the time and care Steve gave to all parts of the oven. That service is worth the extra cost.

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
Belchamp Saint PaulEssexCO10 7BY 52.04250.6

Steve was a really lovely chap, very helpful and knowledgeable. My oven looks brand new, I would definitely recommend him

Lovely to see my oven looks-like-new.

Review of OvenGleamers
WickhambrookSuffolkCB8 8YG 52.170.5525

Very pleased with the service. I'll try to keep it looking so nice.

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
BarrowSuffolkIP29 5AE 52.24250.5875

Amazed at how clean our oven is, it looks brand new! Thank you Stephen for an excellent job.


Review of OvenGleamers
Long MelfordSuffolkCO10 9DS 52.0850.7175

Now have a sparkling clean oven. Thank you

Gleaming Aga!

Review of OvenGleamers
Great TeyEssex 51.90750.7325

Our old friend “The Aga”, is now gleaming after Stephen took the time and patience to restore its smile ! Looks new and it’s years old . Thank you. Excellent service.


Review of OvenGleamers
Great LeighsEssexCM3 1FN 51.83250.5125

I can’t believe how good the oven looks - it looks like it did when we got it! Great service

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
Great NotleyEssexCM77 7FP 51.86250.52

Highly recommend, Stephen has just cleaned two ovens for me… wow 🤩 they look like new, I’m so happy with the results. Stephen is a really great guy and fabulous at cleaning dirty ovens!!

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
TiptreeEssexCO5 0NR 51.82250.7475

Very helpful and polite. Well recommend

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
Great NotleyEssexCM77 7XS 51.860.5225

Superb job, left my oven looking like new. Will definitely use again and wouldn’t hesitate recommending

Excellent service!

Review of OvenGleamers
Great HorkesleyEssexCO6 4EA 51.930.8775

What an amazing Job Stephen has done today. I will definitely be using him again. Stephen was very professional, friendly and no mess left. Superb Job!


Review of OvenGleamers
ClareSuffolkCO10 8QH 52.0850.58

Very efficient and friendly approach

Great service

Review of OvenGleamers
Bury Saint EdmundsSuffolkIP30 9GB 52.240.9175

My oven is lovely and clean.

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
HalsteadEssexCO9 4QN 52.0150.5675

Steve has done an amazing job on my Range-master today. It’s certainly gleaming! Very nice guy and very thorough. Highly recommend!

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
HalsteadEssexCO9 2BQ 51.950.6475

Quick and easy to book, polite to deal with 100% recommend

Excellent Service

Review of OvenGleamers
HalsteadEssexCO9 4QL 52.01750.57

Steve was very thorough and the end result was a gleaming clean oven just like new. Steve was very polite and courteous and I would thoroughly recommend him.

Utterly wonderful

Review of OvenGleamers
ColchesterEssexCO2 0LS 51.84750.8375

Absolutely brilliant my everhot is gleaming thank you

Excellent oven clean

Review of OvenGleamers
SudburyEssexCO10 52.02750.68

Very pleased, oven looks like new agai. Thanks Steve

Excellent Service!

Review of OvenGleamers
ColchesterEssexCO6 1QS 51.87750.6825

Absolutely brilliant service!! So so happy with the end result. Highly recommended.


Review of OvenGleamers
HalsteadEssexCO9 1PR 51.92750.5925

Steve transformed our greasy heap into a thing of beauty. Thanks once again, a “glowing” recommendation!

Very good service

Review of OvenGleamers
BraintreeEssexCM77 7WR 51.85750.53

Steve was on time,he did a great job with my ovens

OMG what a service !

Review of OvenGleamers
ColchesterEssexCO6 2AN 51.92750.7875

what outstanding service ! on line enquiry on the weekend, phone call on Monday and Stephen did the Job on Tuesday !!!!! The Ever Hot LOOKS LIKE NEW !!!!!!!! Have no idea how you managed to get it to looks like new again but THANK YOU SO MUCH. Just the best JOB !!!

Excellent Service

Review of OvenGleamers
ColchesterEssexCO3 9TJ 51.90.8225

Efficient, professional and friendly service. Our oven looks like new!! Have booked our next visit already. Very impressed with the whole experience. Highly recommend.

Highly recommend

Review of OvenGleamers
SudburySuffolkCO10 9JN 52.07750.715

Stephen has made my oven look brand new again. Very pleased with how professional he was and arrived on time

Excellent Service

Review of OvenGleamers
SudburySuffolkCO10 0BZ 52.06750.7675

I can’t rate Steve enough. Brilliant customer service, very helpful when I asked for advice. Brilliant clean, looked like new. Highly recommend and booking again for Xmas!!

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
HalsteadEssexCO9 1UP 51.95250.595

Very professional Excellent service

Amazing service!

Review of OvenGleamers
BuresEssexCO8 5AD 51.97250.7725

Really great service, and my oven is sparkling now! Would recommend

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
BraintreeEssexCM7 9TL 51.8850.575

Can't recommend Ovengleamers Halstead enough. Always do a brilliant job of cleaning my oven

Excellent service

Review of OvenGleamers
SudburySuffolkCO10 1BD 52.040.725

I highly recommend Stephen, he does the job with passion. Each oven part is taken apart and cleaned to a very high standard. There is no tidying up after the job, my kitchen is still spotless. He’s also a very nice guy. I will be rebooking on an annual basis.


Review of OvenGleamers
SudburySuffolkCO10 0QG 52.0250.7825

Everything looks brand new! Thank you so much. Steve is very personable and professional.

Brill training

Review of OvenGleamers
BristolNorth SomersetBS20 0EJ 51.48-2.685

Very good service

Review of OvenGleamers
SudburySuffolkCO10 7QB 52.10250.675

Stephen was polite and extremely competent. The oven looks as good as new.

Oven Restored!

Review of OvenGleamers
SudburySuffolkCO10 0DS 52.0350.75

Pretty dirty oven (not mine btw!) but over the course of 90 minutes it was restored to a nearly new state. No mess or smells, bang on time and very friendly. Will definitely use again. Thanks.