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  • Owner: Nigel Elwell
  • Hours: Mon To Sat 8:30am - 5:00pm
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Nigel Elwell is your oven cleaning specialist in Kidderminster and the towns and villages in the area. He has gained the OvenGleamers wealth of oven cleaning experience and expertise on the OvenGleamers Training Course. His expert knowledge on how to clean ovens, range cookers and AGAs to the highest standard, using ECO Products,  means you'll find it difficult to find anyone better in the area.

Nigel used to commute daily to his HR job in the centre of London for Metropolitan Police where he was for 18 years. Now he runs his own local OvenGleamers business. His hobbies include motorcycling, cycling, and watching his daughter play rugby.

Find out more about Nigel and his oven cleaning services below:

Easy To Book Oven Cleaning Kidderminster With One Call Does It All

For oven cleaning Kidderminster give us a ring and we can give you a quote and book you straight in. No having to phone around to get a quote, or waiting for a call back (9am to 5pm). We make it easy for you to get an appointment. Give us a ring on 

0800 802 1076 (Click To Call)

Don't worry … you’ve found Kidderminster's number one domestic oven cleaning service!

OVENGLEAMERS Kidderminster has been providing superior oven cleaning services in Havering and across the UK for more than 16 years. Our professional oven cleaners are Fast, Safe and Thorough. They are professionally trained and insured.

We are domestic oven cleaning experts, and our oven cleaning experts take great pride in every job they do in every house that they clean in.

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Oven Cleaning Services Available:

AGA Cleaning

We have been AGA cleaning in Kidderminster since 2004. We do the full professional deep clean. So for AGA Cleaners Kidderminster give us a call. Our OvenGleamers are trained to clean AGAs Cooker to the highest standard. So restore the heart of your home by getting your AGA looking the best that it can be. 

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Oven Cleaners Hob and Extractors

Our standard OvenGleam Service will take your dirty oven (any make or model) and transform it back to a condition that is close to showroom standard. We, unlike our competitors use an Eco Wash to clean your oven to the highest standard.

Range Cooker Cleaning

Our standard RangeGleam Service will take your dirty range cooker (any make or model) and transform it back to a condition that is close to showroom standard. We, unlike our competitors use an Eco Wash to clean your oven to the highest standard. We have cleaning experience with vast range and types of range cookers.

BBQ Cleaning

BBQs or Barbecues are difficult to clean. We even struggle but after 3 hours we will have your BBQ looking pretty clean. We remove all the grease and burnt on carbon to make it clean either for the start of the Summer, before a social gathering,  or when you putting your BBQ away at the end of the season. So if you are looking for BBQ cleaners in Brixham we can help you.

Oven Clean For Tenants and Landlords

Are  you looking to get your oven clean so it passes your ending of tenancy inspection so you don't lose your deposit. Or are you a landlord who wants to ensure that the oven in your property is clean as it can be for the new tenant moving in? Well we offer a key pick up service and get your oven cleaned to the highest standard. Saving you money on a new oven.

Excellent service and really helpful

Claire Love Kidderminster

Useful Kidderminster Information

Kidderminster is a town in the West Midlands.

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Oven Cleaning Services in Kidderminster That We Provide:

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