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Oven Cleaning Chippenham

By Graham Rogers

Easy Oven Cleaning Chippenham from OvenGleamers Chippenham and North Wiltshire

Please ring:  01249 400050

Covering: Chippenham, Calne, Devizes, Melksham, Malmesbury, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon and surrounding areas of North Wiltshire.

Oven Cleaning Chippenham? Struggling to find someone to clean your oven in the Chippenham area and North Wiltshire area? Then look no further. OvenGleamers now provide their oven cleaning service to that area and we will gladly make an appointment to come and clean your cooker, oven, hob, extractor or microwave.

We also clean Range cookers of any size and AGA cookers and Rayburns too (and any AGA type cooker too).

Call today on 01249 400050 for your free quote and easy booking system. We offer immediate bookings with fixed appointment times.

Smoking oven – we will fix it.

Can’t see through your door – we will make it like new.

Bulb blown – we will replace it for free as part of our clean

We clean until your oven gleams without fuss saving you the effort and time.

We are also an AGA Cooker specialist cleaning. For 4 oven AGA cookers we clean the inside of ovens 3 and 4 which other companies don’t do.

OvenGleamers will come to your home in and  follow OvenGleamers 18 step process to cleaning your oven. We use organic based cleaning products within your home that are odour free and safe for you, your children and your pets.

We believe that we are the only oven cleaning specialists in Chippenham and North Wiltshire that operate this eco-friendly oven cleaning process. Once cleaned your oven is ready to use straight away – be warned though – many clients find the oven has come up so gleaming and clean that they don’t want to get it dirty again!

Call today on 01249 400050 to book your oven clean – we cover Chippenham, Trowbridge, Melksham, Malmesbury, and surrounding areas of North Wiltshire without applying any additional travelling charges.

The majority of our work is in the domestic homes in Chippenham and North Wiltshire but if you run a semi commercial kitchen such as in a sports club or social club or a wedding venue and would like a Range/Cooker or your extractor filters cleaned then please call us on 01249 400050 to book your commercial clean assessment.

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Image by Ewan-M via Flickrto book your Commercial Kitchen Assessment.

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About the Author

Graham Rogers Started OvenGleamers as one man in a van in Taunton in 2004. The business grew to a five van operation by 2007. OvenGleamers first franchisee started in October 2010. OvenGleamers Became An Associate Member of British Franchise Association in 2012. Now growing National OvenGleamers Network. OvenGleamers are AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Specialists. Graham writes on this blog and films videos and has a podcast.