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Our Oven Cleaning Prices quoted are all based on the following factors:

  1. We take care of you and your property. We don’t use a gas burner system to heat our dip tank as our competitors do which means we don’ t leave a gas flame burning in our van, or in the road outside your house whilst we are working in your property. These are dangerous and have been known to explode. So you can be rest assured that we use products and equipment that are safe for you, your family and your friends. Our products are approved by the Vitreous Enamel Society.
  2. We are Eco Friendly. We don’t pollute the atmosphere by lighting a flame at every house in the day (see above) – and we use an eco friendly electric system that is heated up at the start of the day. We don’t use paper to mop out the grease and residue from your oven as some of our competitors do. We use cloths that are washed and recycled. We use a vegetable paste to clean your oven in your home. It is so safe you could eat it.
  3. Our Pricing Policy is that the price we quote you is the price you will pay. This price is fully inclusive of VAT and is for a Full Strip Down Deep and Complete Oven Clean including racks and grill pan, self cleaning sides, the ceiling of the oven, the doors including inside the doors and replacing the bulb where necessary. We carry out the Full Strip Down Clean and remove everything from your oven that can come out, and dip it in our specialist oven cleaning dip tank.
  4. We take care with your waste and have a responsible Waste Management and Recycling Policy. We do not leave waste with you at your house or pour our waste down your drain or into your flowerbed. We take all our waste away with us.
  5. Where you live. Oven Cleaning Prices may vary a great deal from postcode to postcode due to factors such as distance from the nearest franchisee. You need to contact us to find out the prices for each area.
  6. Size of Oven To be cleaned. The size of the oven to be cleaned affects the amount of time that needs to be spent on it. The larger the cooker – the bigger the cost.
  7. The Taxman.  VAT has to be charged at 20% by the main OvenGleamers office in Bristol. All our Franchise Partners are not VAT registered.
  8. Our Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are unhappy with our clean we will return and clean it until you are happy.

We’ve cleaned tens of thousands of ovens, range cookers, AGA cookers since we launched back in 2004, and are approved by all the AGA shops in the South West and South Wales. We clean all sorts of ovens from the smallest to the largest. Our franchisees are all trained to the same standard by our founder Graham Rogers.

The oven cleaning prices we charge are for the total strip down clean of your oven – that means we remove everything that can be removed from your oven and place it into our Eco Friendly dip tank in our van. We clean all the racks, the grill pan, the fan cover, the fan itself, the complete door including inside of the door – we strip it down, the ceiling of the oven around the grill element, and the self cleaning sides and we replace your bulbs if necessary. The price we quote is fully inclusive price that you will pay.

Oh and before I go, I just need to remind you that we’re a Buy With Confidence Approved Company, which is the Trading Standards seal of approval. We have been members since 2009. All our employees have been CRB checked.

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