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Oven Cleaning Prices

How Much Does An Oven Clean Cost?

Hello. Now, one of the many things that lots of people ask us about is pricing and costs. And why does, why does the price varies between different often cleaning companies? So what I'd like to do is try and make you understand the differences between different oven cleaning companies, why some prices are more, some prices are less what you actually need to consider when you're having your oven professionally cleaned.

Because first and foremost, what you need to check out is how professional is the company that you're actually dealing with. Because in this industry, we've got everything from people who will go out in their car with a bucket, a packet of Mr. Muscle and sell their business by shoving bits of paper, through people's letter boxes and charging 25 pounds to get your oven cleaned. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd be a bit nervous about somebody coming into my office or coming into my house and cleaning my oven with just the bucket and Mr. Muscle.

Then you get the other end of the scale, where like our, our professional, loving cleaners, they go through between a seven and a ten day training course with us to make sure that they know how to professionally take apart ovens, put them back together, again obviously, and then clean those ovens in all the different areas that need to be cleaned. You have to consider as well, what level of clean you want with some companies, they just do what I call him on the surface spray and pray. So literally they'll open the oven door, they'll spray it with some sometimes quite noxious product. Let that do its work, wipe it all off. And that's it. They're out of there.

 Other companies will completely strip down your oven and will take the doors off. They'll take the doors apart, if they can be taken apart. Then they'll clean between the glass of those ovens. Then in the oven themselves, they will take the racks out, they will unscrew the internal walls. They will then take those out. They will clean those compartments. They'll take the fan off at the back. They'll clean that and clean everything behind it. And it's really quite interesting because when those panels get taken off professional oven cleaners can tell what products have been used by either previous oven cleaners or by the homeowners, because there may be damage behind there. There are certain products on the market that actually eat away and damage your oven. So do be very careful. Caustic based products, which can be Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, those type of chemicals used in your oven can start eating away at the inside of the oven and degrade your oven overtime.

So do please be very careful with those kinds of products. So as I say, that can be on the surface spray and pray, or there can be a complete deep strip down oven. And that also applies if you've got a range cooker or one of the kind of the AGA, the Everhot, the Rayburn style of cookers as well. Some people just don't quite know how to clean those properly because they've never been trained on them and they are expensive pieces of cooking equipment. You know, would you really trust your 15,000 pound AGA or range to somebody that turns up with, Mr. Muscle and a bucket? I know I wouldn't, and I have an AGA, not quite that expensive, but I do have an AGA. So do consider what, what type of company you're looking for and what type of service that you're looking for because they do vary.

And of course there's a cost factor to that. If you just want an on the surface spray and pray with any bog standard product, that pretty much what you could do the same job yourself. That's not going to be terribly expensive, but obviously if you're looking to use a company that has professionally trained each of their staff, each of their employees through a rigorous training course, and believe me, it's hard work. Then you're going to pay more for that professional service. So do consider what, what end of the scale you want. And as I say that that professional service can vary anything from, you know, I've seen people advertising, cleaning up for 25 pounds, which well, you can't make any money doing that. 

It means if they are prepared to charge that small amount that they haven't had any cost outlays to pay for any professional training, professional guidance or buying professional equipment for their oven cleaning business. 

At the other end of the scale I would say professional oven cleaning  comes in at varying between kind of £60, £80, at the bottom end to, you know, £200, or £300 at the top end, depending on the size of the cooker and how many appliances that you would like cleaning. 

Some people just want their main oven cavity done. Some people have two ovens, so they have a bottom up and on top of it, that's what we described as a double oven. Some people have double oven ranges. So these are cookers with ovens side by side. Some people have the AGA, the Everhot and the Rayburn style range cookers that generally stay hot all day. So there's different sizes, but on top of that as well, you may have a hob, That is the hob where you boil your eggs or you cook your baked beans.

Above the hob there might be a cooker hood or an extractor. There may be a splash back. These may need cleaning too, There maybe a glass lid on the cooker that needs cleaning.

Different companies do different pricing for each of these. And generally they'll be priced per appliance. That that tends to be what happens because not everybody wants everything done and that's great. It gives you options in the marketplace. So do consider what else you need cleaning because you know that will add up and it may more than your budget can afford. One safety warning for you though. Do have a look at your cooker hood at your extractor above your head. If that is dripping with grease, please, please. I implore you do get that cleaned because there are many instances of kitchen fires having been started by some of that grease, dripping down onto a gas hub and the whole kitchen goes up and is destroyed. Do search around and you will see some really blackened remains of kitchens.

So one thing we ask our OvenGleamers is to check when they go into a client's home, when they're cleaning their ovens is to just have a look up at that extractor, just have a look up, have a check and see how safe it is, whether it does need to de- greasing.

Another fact to consider as well when you're having a cooker or a range cleaned is whether there's any parts that need replacing. So in cooker hoods, when they need new filters, we, we ourselves replace those as part of the service (that is the paper filters not the carbon filters some extractors have).

Some other companies will charge you extra for that. Similarly, when changing bulbs be careful when changing bulbs, because some manufacturers there appears to be a, we're not quite sure why, there appears to be some sort of circuiting fault, Changing some of the bulbs in some makes of ovens causes the circuit board to blow. Now the circuit boards cost £300  plus to replace. So we make sure that when we're changing bulbs ourselves, that actually we're only changing them in those ovens, that it can't affect the circuit board. So we do apologise if we come to you and say, I'm really sorry," I can't change that because there is a risk that your circuit board will blow". We'll gladly leave a bulb with you for you to do it yourself. But unfortunately, we're not going to take, take that risk for you. Other companies may do that.

Now, this is where I digress a little bit slightly. Companies have insurance or every company should have insurance, but what happens when something goes wrong? Now with us, we will  look after you and any good professional company will look after you and come back and deal with any issues and pay for anything that they've caused to go wrong.

That said, I have heard stories of clients being politely told to go away, but not quite that politely. And literally people put the phone down on them when their phone to complain or there's a problem. So do consider that when you're booking your appliance in, because appliances aren't cheap, you know, even a, yes, you can get a cheap bottom of the range oven for about £180, but most ovens start at about £400 or £500. Now, when you're paying for a professional person to come in and clean that for you, you want to make sure that if anything goes wrong, say, the circuit board gets blown because they've changed a bulb,  that they will cover the cost of that for you, because if it's caused by them, they should rectify it and give you a working oven back again.

So rest assured that we are happy to do that, but some other companies may not be. Do consider that as part of your selection. So have a think about ancillary items: Do they replace bulbs? Do they put new filters in for you or do they charge you extra for those?

Professional Oven Cleaning Equipment Make it Cheaper?

How the cleaning equipment that people use. Obviously the cost of your oven will depend on how, how professionally kitted out with that company is, and I've described the person who turns up with his tatty car with his bucket and his proprietary brand spray to put in your on your oven,

At the other end of the scale you get again, you get people turning up with like a gas burner based system in their vans. Now this is a system where generally come into your home with two black buckets. They'll ask to take your hot water and they'll take it out to their van and they'll tip it into the the dip tank in the back of their van. And then they'll use a gas burner to heat it up a bit more. That gas burner is burning in the street. Now they've got this dilemma - "How do I then go back into the house to get the racks and things that I need to take out the oven to put in this hot water and cleaning fluid to get it cleaned?"

So we've seen all sorts of things. We've seen them operating with two people. So one person stays with the van while the other person goes in and out the house. And that's fine, that's completely safe. But we have also seen instances where that gas burner is left burning in the street, doors opened up on the van, or even some take them out and put them on the street as well, which is interesting. Then they disappear back into client's home, disassemble the oven, bring the bits out that they want to put in that cleaning, heating tank. Pop the bits in there, but in the meantime, of course, that that gas burner has been going in the street with all sorts of people walking past - your children, animals jumping around, oh it scares me rotten.

There's another alternative as well that people use, which is an electrically heated dip tank. So these are people that have vans with a tank in the back, which they heat up and they either heat it up once during the day. So for instance, our vans are heated up once in the morning and it stays hot all day. Our employees can safely go leave it in the back of the van. It doesn't hurt anyone. There's no gas burners or anything. They come into your home, they disassemble your oven take them and put them in a tank. The vans are closed and locked. They come back into your house and finish the rest of the clean.

And there are others that then need to reheat the electrical heater dictates during the day. So they will ask to, to plug into your electricity. So again, there's, there's different safety aspects. Do they need your hot water? Do they need to your use your sink? Do they need your electricity?

So all of these are factors that you need to consider when not only booking, but considering the pricing structure of the company that you're dealing with. So you can see how some of those companies that have the more professional sets up don't require your hot water. They supply everything. Those are going to be a slightly more premium cost. But in the long run it may actually work out cheaper because by the time you've added all these extra costs, you might actually find that it's more expensive than what what originally seemed kind of a slightly high, especially if you know, things go wrong and things like that.

So hopefully that's given you a great introduction to pricing and giving you a general idea of the different types of companies that there are out there that are operating. But if you do have any questions, feel free to call us. We're here to help you understand what you need for when you have your oven cleaned. So we'd be delighted to help you. We've been in the business since 2004, so we kind of know what we're doing. We've done thousands and thousands of ovens, and we run a multi van business based here in Bristol. We have a network of up glimmers across the UK. So do please ask for advice. Oh, by the way, I'm Catherine, I'm the co owner. Graham my husband started the business and I came into the business with him when I met him. So any questions do contact us and we'd be delighted to help you.

Thank you. Thank you for your time.