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Oven Gleamers Franchise Update

By Graham Rogers

We have had a busy last few weeks and we sold three franchise areas in three days to bring  the total number of OvenGleamers franchisees we now have to 5. We carried out the first week of training for these new franchisees last week and this week I am training one of them in the practical side of cleaning.

We have sold the following areas: 

1. Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Litchfield area.

2. Altrincham, Wilmslow, Cheadle area.

3. Chippenham, Devizes, Malmsbury area.

4. Fleet, Farnham, Farnborough area.

5. Berkshire area of Bracknell, Wokingham, Sandhurst, Crowthorne.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago one of our OvenGleam employees left so we are now back to four employees – so he was with us for about three months (we have learnt that some people leave after a few months whilst others stay forever:-)). The advantage of this is that I now have a van back which means that I am now able to train the new franchisees without using their own vans. Before we were fitting out the vans ready for the second week of training so we could use it for the practical week. Now as I have my van back we don't have to wait for the vehicle to be ready. The disadvantage is that I'm going to have a very busy, but enjoyable, December out cleaning ovens.

Currently I have four new oven cleaning dip tanks in production and have all three vans booked in for their fitting. We have sign written one of them and managed to film all the franchisees ready for Youtube and their own websites.

I am going to be training the other two new franchsees in the next two weeks and by the end all vans will have been fitted out to my specification.

We are now carrying out our business launches in exactly the same venues that Oven Clean (@ovenclean) use for their launches. So that is high profile stores such as John Lewis and Sainsburys with lots of footfall to give you the maximum benefit.

With Christmas approaching we are currently looking at splitting these launches to carry out two one before Christmas and one in January which we'd expect to be quite quiet. Therefore you are going to benefit from two launches instead of one.

We feel that we are running out of time now and feel that we can really only fit one more franchisee training course in, as we need to concentrate on running our own business for December. We have pencilled the last training course in for the first two weeks of November and we feel that we are going to have at least one new franchisee on that course. If we get any more interest we can accommodate at the most three people on the course and get them trained up to take advantage of the uplift in work we normally get in December. 

So if you are interested in starting an oven cleaning business with us you may want to think about going for it now. Give us a ring on 01275 370571. If you speak to my wife Catherine she will happily send you details of the area we have mapped out for your area, along with other details to help you make a decision.

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About the Author

Graham Rogers Started OvenGleamers as one man in a van in Taunton in 2004. The business grew to a five van operation by 2007. OvenGleamers first franchisee started in October 2010. OvenGleamers Became An Associate Member of British Franchise Association in 2012. Now growing National OvenGleamers Network. OvenGleamers are AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Specialists. Graham writes on this blog and films videos and has a podcast.

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