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Oven Cleaning Student Ovens Rest of Week

By Graham Rogers

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Well I really did really ache on Tuesday (after cleaning 8 ovens the day before in the student accommodation block) and I think I said that 'I never want to clean an oven again'. But anyway I got there on the Tuesday and cleaned a more casual four ovens. Then I did four on Wednesday. Our other employees were there too helping me out and we got all the 28 ovens done by the end of Wednesday. 

Then the cleaning company asked us if we could do another 24 ovens by the end of Wednesday next week. So on Thursday I went back and cleaned another eight ovens in the student accommodation block next door to the one where we had been for the start of the week and today I have cleaned another six. So that is fourteen of the 24 done and we are all going back next week to clean the other ten. I seemed to have got back in the groove over the last couple of days and have really managed to work really hard and get the jobs done. Also the cleaning company gave me my own security key which helped a lot as I could find the easier ovens to clean and cleaned all those first. The really dirty ones, and I really mean really dirty, are the ten that we are going to tackle as a team next week.

On Thursday in our team meeting I gave myself the 'Oven Cleaner of the week' award. Well I don't think I'm going to win it again this year and I knew that my total number of ovens for the week was going to be 34. So in all this wasn't bad at all, and this beat my previous record of 32 in a week which was also obtained cleaning ovens in a student accommodation block. It helps to have all the ovens in one place, to have a set period of time to get them done in and once you get in the swing of things and put some effort in then they get done. Anyway I hope I'm not aching too much over the weekend.

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