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Oven Cleaner Of The Year 2010

By Graham Rogers

I know it is a bit late but here is the photo of me awarding Hugo Mendonca his 'Van of The Year' Award for 2010 .  Hugo is  really OvenGleam's operative with the smartest van! And Matt Reilly is 'Employee of The Year ' for 2010 and the photo of me awarding him it is on the next post . So Matt is really he is OvenGleam's Oven Cleaner of 2010

Last year we started this competition and awarded employee of the week and van of the week to the employee with the best van and employee with the best testimonials, sales of oven liners, up-sells of jobs etc. Matt, although he started in August, out performed everyone to get his award getting regular great testimonials and doing a sterling job selling oven liners and get people to fill out our VIP forms. Both operatives were awarded a cash prize of £300.

This year we are doing the competition differently still with weekly awards but we are giving out the prize every 13 weeks. We thought this would allow everyone to compete for the prize as what happened last year was that guys lost interest if they got behind in the rankings.

What this for our business was to improve the state of our vans. They are now regularly cleaned – shame about the guys workwear you might say – I think'll of something…

 The first photo is all of  The Oven Gleam Team and you can see that we were perfectly sized by Catherine before she took the photo - her RAF background showing through. I have been sized myself since I was back in the RAF myself!


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Graham Rogers Started OvenGleamers as one man in a van in Taunton in 2004. The business grew to a five van operation by 2007. OvenGleamers first franchisee started in October 2010. OvenGleamers Became An Associate Member of British Franchise Association in 2012. Now growing National OvenGleamers Network. OvenGleamers are AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Specialists. Graham writes on this blog and films videos and has a podcast.

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