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Oven Cleaning Cardiff and Pontypridd Tomorrow

By Graham Rogers

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As one of our operatives is moving into a new house tomorrow I'm off doing some jobs in the Cardiff area. Looking at my list that the office has sent me, to my phone, I have four jobs. The first one is actually in Pontypridd in the Rhondda Valley, I've got a single oven there. So I'll be thinking of that bloke off Radio 2, Terry Walton, and his allotment when I am there! The next job is in Penarth a 30 minute drive, right on the sea front, and again a single oven – so I'll be able to have my lunch next to the sea. And then it is in to Cardiff to clean two double ovens in different houses. Looking at the travelling times between these last two jobs, I have got 30 mins  when it is going to take me 8mins (according to MultiMap) so it means that hopefully I'll be able to bring the last job earlier and get out of Cardiff and beat the traffic and get home earlier.  Bring the jobs forward to shorten the day is the aim of the game on a Friday.

So not a bad day to be working in Wales though it is always a pleasure as the Welsh tend to be very warm and friendly. 

We are into Wales at least one day a week and we are getting busier so we look forward to more business. Later on this year  we are going to be at the Cardiff Franchise Show. So if you know of anyone who might be interested in buying a business where we already have an established customer base tell them to get in contact with us.

As I have just been looking for Terry Walton on Facebook I notice that he has his own page Terry Walton and whilst you are there would you 'like' my page Oven Cleaning. Thanks 🙂

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