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Oven Cleaners Wilmslow

By Graham Rogers

Wolf Range Cooker Clean Wilmslow

Tomorrow I am driving all the way up to Wilmslow to meet our South Manchester Franchisee to watch him clean a Wolf Range Cooker. So it is going to be a 0530 start for me. As we booked the job in for him I was able to have a look at the property online – it is on the market – and it has a fabulous kitchen, and also I asked the owner for permission to film.

The thing about a Wolf Range Clean is that they usually are self cleaning Pyrolitic ovens which means they are usually an easy clean. But we will have to see..


Oven Cleaning Wilmslow

So my intention is to film our OvenGleamer doing the work and maybe I help him a bit – we will see how it goes, really it depends how dirty it is and if needs be I will get stuck in as well.  The last time I did such a huge job myself it took me six and half hours, and that was for a similar type of range cooker by Viking. This Wolf is a double fronted one, so is bigger than the Viking I did which had a 90cm oven and a 60m oven. I charged this job out as a day rate of £220 and as she also wanted the front of her large American Fridge cleaning as well I’m going to be doing that  and I charge her accordingly. The Wolf from the pictures online, looks like it has two 90cm ovens and it has a  huge extractor canopy over the top of it too. The lady on the phone told me that the house had been rented out to tenants and the hob was very greasy but the ovens weren’t that bad so here’s hoping…

If are looking for a reliable efficient oven cleaning and AGA cooker cleaning service please give us a call. For oven cleaning  in the Wilmslow and South Manchester area please call for oven cleaners Wilmslow  on 0800 45 82 357 (click to call)

Post Note to Big Clean in Wilmslow:

I drove up and did the job. It was a bigger job that we had expected. The Wolf range wasn’t that bad, but the extractor above it was really big job. It was huge and heavy. So took two of us five hours to do. The front of the American Fridge came up very well. Apparently the tenant had been a young Manchester City Footballer from abroad who hadn’t cared less about the house. After he left unexpectedly they were left with damage to the property to the tune of £60,000 . The bit of video work I did never saw the light of day.

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Graham Rogers Started OvenGleamers as one man in a van in Taunton in 2004. The business grew to a five van operation by 2007. OvenGleamers first franchisee started in October 2010. OvenGleamers Became An Associate Member of British Franchise Association in 2012. Now growing National OvenGleamers Network. OvenGleamers are AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Specialists. Graham writes on this blog and films videos and has a podcast.