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How To Replace AGA Door Seals

By Graham Rogers

How To Replace AGA Door Seals

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Replacing AGA door seals.


Hello, I'm Graham Rogers and in this video we're going to go through how to replace AGA door seals.

(00:16):Why Replace Your AGA's Door Seals?

Why replace your AGA door seals? Your current door seals may be leaking. You've got heat escaping, which increases the running cost of your AGA. Your current door seals may have been flattened or degraded, and they look scruffy. When you're using your AGA every day, you notice them. Or your current door seals may be discoloured. They look unsightly. The symptoms you get from this is that you get smoke coming out of your AGA when you're using it and you get stained round your main roasting oven door.

(00:47): What We Use To Do The AGA Seal Replacement

We use an AGA seal replacement kit. We use an AGA seal. We prefer the grey ccoloured rope seals because they don't stain. We use binding tape to bind the seal ends, and then we use a clear silicone adhesive. We use a soft cloth to put on the floor so we can place the door onto it.

(01:08): Step 1 Remove The Door

The first thing you do is take off the door and place it onto the cloth.

Step 2 Remove The Old Seal

The next thing you do is, you take off the old seal. You can see we're doing it here with a pair of pliers. You just grab hold of the seal and you just pull it all off.

Step 3 Remove All The Old Sealant

Once you've got the seal off, you then remove all traces of the old sealant, because we want the new seal to have a good new base of sealant to go on to. So we ensure that all the old sealant comes off. We use a scourer. Sometimes you may get some difficult bits of adhesive which doesn't come off. We would use a scraper to get those off, to get those last bits off of old sealant. So, get the old sealant off.

Step 4 Prepare The New Rope Seal

I mention this in the video, but didn't show it. Before applying the adhesive ensure that the seal that you are going to fit is the correct length. We use a roll of rope seal and cut a length off and then cut it to size. We would place it along the groove to ensure that the size is correct and trim it to the correct length. Then we use the binding tape and wrap the ends of the seal up with it to ensure it doesn't fray. If you have bought a made seal, say in a kit, you may need to stretch it a bit to get the ends to meet. As I mention in the video some seals on AGA doors have a gap in them so ensure that if there was a gap on the seal that you have taken off that the gap is re-instated.

(01:56): Step 5 Apply the Silicone Adhesive

The next thing we do is we take the adhesive, this is the adhesive we use, and we make a bed of that in the channel, all the way around the door. You start at one end and you just squeeze the sealant into the groove. As I said, you just make it enough for the seal to sit onto. Okay. So you go all the way around. 

Step 6. Push the Pre-cut seal into place

And then the next thing is, you get the seal and you place it into position. Now, we've already ensured that the seal is the right length. We've measured it and then we've cut it. Then we've put the sealing tape on the end of the seal ends so it's the correct size. Sometimes there may be a gap in the seal on the door. If that's the case, when you put the new seal on, ensure you keep the gap. All you do, once you've measured it, you just put the seal into the bed of sealant. Just push it into place.

Step 7 Put the door back onto the AGA

Once you've done that, you can put the door back on. The sealant will dry when you switch the AGA back on or within 24 hours if left off.


We do this generally when the AGA is cold and we do it at the end of a job. So we've already cleaned the AGA, and then the last thing we would do is to change the door seals.


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