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How To Clean LaCanche Brass

By Graham Rogers

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LaCanche Oven Cleaning

LaCanche Range Cooker Brass Cleaning.

So how do you clean the brass on a LaCanche range cooker to bring them up to as new look. Which for a professional oven cleaning company like ours really finishes the clean off.

Here is how to do it.

What do you need to clean the  brass on a LaCanche Range?

You will need:

1. Half a litre of lemon juice, 

2.A small bowl or container, 

3. A metal scourer,

4. A toothbrush and some 5.

5. Some Maas metal polish.

6. Polishing cloth.

7. Water to rinse off.

Cleaning the brass burners of the LaCanche Range.

Take off the burner tops from the range. Put the lemon juice into a container. In the video I use Tesco Lemon Juice as you can buy a big bottle for less than a pound. I'm also using a plastic bowl also bought at Tesco's, again under a pound. But since doing this video I have found that the plastic packaging for my Brillo pads acts as a very good 'bowl' to put the lemon juice into as it is deep.

Place the brass burner tops from the LaCanche range into the lemon juice and make sure they are submerged. You can see (from the video) that they are quite black.

Some of them may be clean, but if you have been using the burners, then they're going to be quite black. Doing this process brings them up perfectly.

You then leave the burners in the lemon juice for a while. I leave in for at least 20 minutes and then pick up the burners one at a time and rub them with a stainless steel scourer, to see how easily the black comes off them.

So rub them and then I rinse them under the tap and then dry them off with a cloth.

Cleaning the brass knobs of a LaCanche Range

In the video I have also put the LaCanche Range brass knobs into the lemon juice. This is one way to clean the knobs. The other way is to use the metal polish.

To clean the rest of the brass on the LaCanche, I use a metal polish called Maas. We have been using it for quite a few years now. It works really well and has a lovely Lavender smell. To use it you just apply the paste, leave it for a bit and then rub it off with a cloth.

In the video, as I'm doing the cleaning all one handed, I'm just using a toothbrush to put the paste on to the end of the towel rail. Then I get a cloth and wipe it off straight away.

Using two hands you will have a better result. Of course we would normally spend more time and get the end result better.

You leave the paste for a bit and then you wipe it off. Looking at my video you will see that I get a decent result one handed, and by just putting the paste on giving it a rub and then wiping off you do see a difference.

There are two knobs on the LaCanche range cooker warmer draw. In the video I use the same method to clean them that is I apply with the toothbrush and wipe off.

This would be the other method of cleaning the control knobs.

This is the process we use as The OvenGleamers Network to clean the brass on LaCanche ranges.