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How To Clean AGA Enamel Lids

By Graham Rogers

How To Clean AGA Enamel Lids

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AGA Cooker Enamel Lids Cleaning

So I cleaned the AGA in the video about  ten years ago now. The AGA had a famous owner, author Dick King-Smith, in that he was the author of the book, which later became a film called Babe, about the pig that was like a sheep dog. 

He had just died and his sisters had called us in to clean the AGA so it would look gleaming for the new owners as the house was being sold.

The AGA Cooker was a standard cooker but it looked like it had been re-enamelled recently, the finish was like new. Unlike lots of these Standard AGA Cookers. As they were made between 1947 and 1972 I've seen lots of them. To clean the AGA lids is the same method. Here is how we do it:

What you need to clean the enamel lids of an AGA Cooker:

  • 1. Glass Scarper
    2. Astonish Oven Cleaner paste or Pink Stuff Paste.
    3. 2 x Microfibre Cloths

N.B Remember don't use anything to clean your AGA that is acidic. Don't grab a cleaner without checking it. Just spraying a high acidic cleaner on your AGA means permanent damage that can only be solved by expensive re-enamelling.

Step 1 Remove the grease on the lid

So to do this we use a sharp blade on a scraper handle. I think you can buy a similar one in an AGA shop or search on Amazon for a glass scraper. ideally you need then just a few blades as if the grease is very thick the blade soon gets blunt. And if for example, you decide to try scraping your AGA enamel top but then, when blade gets blunt, it suddenly stops and you'll find you have a scratch that is exactly the same width as the blade. So what I'm saying is keep the blade sharp by changing it often to keep it ultra sharp as it is gets blunt you may damage your AGA.

So get the blade and scrape off all the grease.

Step 2. Apply Astonish in Solution.

Now it depends on how old and battered your enamel is. But say it's newish then you want to keep like that so apply Astonish (oven cleaning paste) or The Pink Stuff in solution with a wet Microfibre cloth. It has to be in solution - mixed with water- as both Astonish and The Pink Stuff are very abrasive. And the cloth has to be sodden.

If you use them neat on a dry cloth everything will get badly scratched.

Rub it all over until all the dirt comes off.

Step 3 Buff Up To A Shine

Next get a dry microfibre cloth and buff the lids up until they gleam.