Our Current Franchisee Areas  - Is Your Location Available?


The Blue pins mark the areas covered by current franchisees.

The Purple pins mark areas that we have had franchisees in before and so have an existing customer base. 

So ALL other areas are available.


Fareham: Our franchisee ran the area for 5 years but stopped trading at the end of July 2019. When he finished he was cleaning two weeks out of four (he was working for a training company for the other two weeks) and was turning over ┬ú3,000 a month. He has now left the area - change of family circumstances - and isn't oven cleaning any more. 

We have his full clientbase and it would be a case of just getting someone in the area and we then re-activate the customers. It has only been a few months and we should keep most of them. We are ranking no1 on Google in the area for oven cleaning. Facebook Business Page.

Glasgow: The franchisee retired in 2019 after building up the business over five years. We have his complete customer database. It's just a case of re-activating the clientbase. His marketing is still showing on Google. With a number 1 listing in Bishopbriggs where he lived and in the 'top three oven cleaning companies' listing for oven cleaning in Glasgow which is listing right up the top for searches for 'oven cleaning Glasgow'. We still get regular calls asking about the service.

Altrincham and Manchester South. We had a franchisee who serviced this area for five years and then left. We ran the area ourselves with an employee for two years afterwards until he decided to leave the company. Again we have number one listings on Google and also 70 plus 5 star reviews in the area. 

We have a franchisee in East Manchester who is currently servicing the client base we have built up there. 

We would be prepared to sell the customer list with the franchise area - Please talk to us.

North Devon: Our franchisee had to retire after having to deal with a poorly father before he died and to care for his wife. This area again has no1 listings in the main towns in his area. We have the full customer database. It would be straight forward to re-launch this area.

Peterborough: Our franchisee again retired in this area after building the business up. We have the full client base. The client base is still being serviced by our employee in Cambridge.

Cambridge East - Haverhill and Suffolk. We have an employee covering this area. 

Cambridge West - This area is for sale. Our Franchisee who covers Cambridge West lives in the Cambridge East area so if we can find a buyer for this area he wants to take over our Cambridge East area.

Areas For Sale in Our Main Area - Covered Since 2004.

OvenGleamers Bristol Area: Exeter in south. Cardiff in the west. Marlborough in east. Tweksbury in the north.

Graham and Catherine Rogers have operated 5 vans in the South West since 2006, and Graham has covered the areas since April 2004.

As they are franchising they are making the area they service smaller and ideally would like to end up with two areas. One in Bristol and one in Taunton in Somerset.

This means that there is an opportunity for you to get an area that they currently service with clients in place.

This will help you considerably as the business is already running and you can grow the business because you will be operating and marketing locally.

Some good areas they cover at the moment but are a bit too far for them to travel to from Bristol are: (They are happy to open up negotiations for any area they currently cover)


OvenGleamers Chippenham - This area is for sale. We had a franchisee covering this area from 2012 to 2017. We currently cover this area with an employee. So you can buy an established area with existing customer base.


Exeter and Tiverton Area- We had a franchisee covering this area from 2012 to 2017 - we have the full client database. We covered the area before 2012 and have covered the area since 2017. 

East Devon - currently based in Axminster. But the area spreads into East Devon, West Dorset, some of South Somerset: 

The Franchisee finished in 2017 after 5 years. We traded in this area before the franchise bought if from us in 2012. He  carried with this and has ran a successful business and increased his client base. We have covered the area from Bristol since 2017.

So you get this area with a well established customer base.

South Devon

Salcombe South Devon Hams, Dartmouth and Kingswear; and areas we don't cover south of this, for example, Plymouth.

Why not book a call with Catherine who will talk through the opportunity of building a business in your area.

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