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A domestic oven gets a lot of use with everyday cooking. It is the solid workhouse in your kitchen able to deal with constant high temperatures whilst cooking your favourite dishes. And this use means you get a constant build up of grease and when this hardens it turns into burnt on carbon. So over time your oven becomes caked in grease and grime with sometimes so added extras such as particles that have been in your kitchen (and in particular dog hair if you own a dog.

People love to be able to check their food when it is cooking through the glass door when they first get their oven. But over time the glass can be completely obscured with burnt on grease.  A constant use of your hob means the gleam that your hob had originally can be lost under a thin film of grease.  And the shelves in your oven can become black with burnt on carbon.

OvenGleamers provide an expert cleaning service to deep clean your oven, hob, extractor and microwave bringing back the 'as new' The shine.

The thing is ovens aren't like other kitchen appliances once the grease on the door has baked on it is just too difficult for someone to clean off. You can buy oven cleaning products from the shops but are they safe and will they be effective? Are you bringing in dangerous and toxic products into your home that could be potentially be stored  in a kitchen cupboard. Products that could affect the health of your family or pets and damage your cooking appliance? And if you do and spend the time cleaning your oven will it be ever as good as when you bought it?

This is where OvenGleamers can help you. We are skilled oven cleaners. We are skilled hob cleaners. We are skilled microwave cleaners. We can help you to get that "as new" look to your appliance.  Our expert hob cleaning service is the best answer to return your oven to the "as new" condition. All our expert operatives are fully trained to deep clean all different makes and models of appliances in your kitchen. including hobs, extractor hoods and microwave ovens.

When you contact OvenGleamers for your free oven cleaning quote, our friendly  knowledgeable and friendly experts will ask you a series of questions. This will help them gather the necessary details and determine the type of appliance you need cleaned so that they can provide you with a firm quote. This way, no matter what kind of oven you have, our technicians will be ready to perform at their very best.

freestanding cooker cleaning

Freestanding Cooker Cleaning

There are lots of different types and sizes of cookers. I remember the one I had in our kitchen when I was a child. It was a New World gas freestanding cooker. By freestanding I mean it stands directly on the floor and is not built into any cabinets.

They have the hobs built into the cooker and some have a high level grill as in the picture.  Some have no cabinets on either side, and some do. As  as rule we don't pull this type out to clean them because there is a big danger we may damage you floor especially if it is lino. But if you pull it out before we arrive we can clean the sides too.

Grill Compartment Cleaning

Some ovens and range cookers have a separate grill compartment, either above the main oven or at eye level (as in the photo above). Or the main oven may have a grill element in it so you can grill in that.

Our OvenGleamers oven cleaning experts will clean all of your grill area including the difficult to clean area above your grill - sometimes called the roof of the oven or the ceiling of the oven.

Also the grill itself is cleaned to remove grease on it that maybe causing it to smoke and fill your kitchen with smoke.

clean grill compartment
microwave cleaning

Microwave Oven Cleaning

We have the training, skills and experience for microwave ovens cleaning. Our OvenGleamers can clean stand alone microwaves and also combination oven/grill/ microwaves that are built in, such as the NEFF, Bosch and Siemens microwaves

Built in Ovens - Cleaning

So there are freestanding cookers and there are the built in type of oven that are most common these days. These, ovens, and microwaves,  are built into kitchen cabinets to give the modern kitchen look. You can also have large 90cm single ovens built into the kitchen cabinets.

The ovens can be positioned at eye level or they can be built into the under counter. Sometimes this gives additional things to think about when the oven. For example the ovens can be more difficult to clean depending on where they are located. Say, in the corner of a kitchen making it difficult to take the door off to do the full proper deep oven clean.

All OvenGleamers have been trained to be able to deal with these sort of difficult ovens and can still achieve the highest standard of oven cleaning wherever your oven is located in your ktichen.

built in oven cleaning
hob cleaning

Hob Cleaning - Gas, Electric, Induction, Ceramic

There are two different types of hobs. Those that are on freestanding cookers and those that are built into the kitchen worktops.

We clean all types and sorts of Hobs, from the smallest four burner gas hob to the largest eight burner gas hob on a range cooker. Your black burner rings will be restored to have the as new look. And any brass will be shining as new again.

Our OvenGleamers have also been trained to remove the toughest of carbon from hobs and in particular the carbon on induction hobs and ceramic hobs that is difficult to remove.

Get your free oven cleaning quote today.

Also all the controls and knobs for the hob will be degreased and polished.

Extractor Hood And Fan Cleaning

Sometimes we notice that there isn't a fan or extractor hood over an appliance. For example most original AGAs don't have an extractor above the cooker.

But most of the time there is an extractor fan or extractor hood above the hob. There are the type with paper filters and the other type has metal gauze.

Also we degrease and polish stainless steel.

Find your local OvenGleamer oven cleaning company near you by giving us a ring or clicking the request a quote button on this page.

Our OvenGleamers have been trained to bring all type of extractor up to the as new standard. They can even clean the larger semi-commercial type of extractor hoods over larger range cookers such as the Wolf or Viking ranges.

extractor cleaning

Watch Our Oven Cleaning Process Video

Here Catherine Rogers talks through our Eco Oven cleaning process. We do the full strip down deep clean of your oven, range cooker, AGA Cooker, hob, extractor or BBQ.

Our EcoGleam Process is Safe For You, Your Pets and Your Cooker.

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Cooker like new again

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Graeme was friendly and cheerful. How he managed to rescue our cooker we will never know! He worked so hard and the cooker is gleaming and looks like new.

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Good job prompt and polite. Oven looks great.

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Great work

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Stephen did a fantastic job on my double oven both were sparkling when he had finished his work , very clean and tidy and even gave my grill tin a good clean thank you very much.

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Great service and result, I had just bought a house and the oven was in a really poor state, the finish result was like having a new oven. Very friendly service too and would definitely recommend

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Brilliant results

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I'm very happy with the service I received today. Eldon done ab amazing job on my oven and extractor. Got them looking like new.

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Excellent service, very impressed outstanding job.

Excellent all round. It was a pleasure to have clean our oven.

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Review of OvenGleamers

Eldon has cleaned three ovens for us in the last few weeks and has done a "sparkling" job as usual. Can highly recommend him to do a tidy perfect clean .


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Excellent Clean

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Great service, oven looked like new after and operative was very friendly. Will definitely recommend.