Meet The OvenGleamers


We are very proud of our OvenGleamers Franchisees and OvenGleamers Operatives. They have all completed a rigorous initial training programme enabling them to clean any make or size of domestic oven. We take particular care in training them how to clean AGA Cookers in a  professional way. They also have regular ongoing training sessions to introduce them to new appliances that come onto the market and new processes and products in oven cleaning.

Our OvenGleamers Franchisees and Operatives all have friendly personalities and aim to produce the best results possible when they come into your home to clean your oven. Please ask them questions – they are very knowledgeable about their work and know a mine of information about ovens and how to keep them in good condition.

OvenGleamers HO Staff Bristol

Catherine Rogers

Catherine RogersOperations Manager OvenGleamers. Business Mentor OvenGleamers. Catherine has been in charge of running the day to day operation of OvenGleamers since the start in 2004. She uses her management skills and leadership skills gained from being in the Royal Air Force for 17 years (as a navigator on the Hercules C130 and Flight Commander at The Initial Officer Training College RAF Cranwell) to guide and help the franchisees to success. Catherine also answers the phone  for OvenGleamers and takes bookings for the OvenGleamers network. She may also phone you if you are interested in an OvenGleamers Franchise.

cleaners bristol

Jayne Hardy

Jayne HardyClient Co-ordinator for HomeGleamers. Jayne has been with OvenGleamers for ten years and co-ordinates clients for HomeGleamers. She also takes calls for OvenGleamers.








Graham Rogers

Graham RogersOvenGleamers Franchisor. Technical Expert. Trains all new franchisees, helps franchisees out with technical problems, answers calls for OvenGleamers and goes out and cleans ovens and AGA cookers. He also manages all Internet marketing.

Graham started forming OvenGleamers in December 2003 and did his first clean in April 2004. He now spends most of his time in the office rather than cleaning ovens! He is always looking for better ways to evolve our oven cleaning processes to ensure that we produce quality results each and every time.

Graham is currently looking at ‘greening’ OvenGleamers – he feels that it is important that OvenGleamers tries to operate in a safe and ‘ECO’ way. We already use an organic paste whilst oven cleaning within your home and our next step is to switch all of our vans to the new Mercedes Benz Citan van which is the new van for franchisees which averages 55 miles to the gallon.

The new van has also fitted inside it the new improved version  of our electrically heated dip tank which has been designed to retain its heat for more than a day with just one hour charge of electricity. The tank has improved safety and has been designed to be easier to use. We also use washable towels and sponges to clean the oven (rather than paper towels).

Graham is also the franchisor of OvenGleamers so if you are looking to start an oven cleaning business in your area.

Find the details here: oven cleaning franchise or go to our franchise page.

One this site you will also be able to see our current franchise locations and see if your area is available.


Graham has been writing his blog for over eight years see the blog link here:  to the ‘The Oven Cleaning Business’

OvenGleamers Operatives operating out of Bristol:


Alan Tubb Oven Gleam GleamerAlan Tubb – Alan is our ‘Somerset’ local and has the accent to prove it!! Alan is our established AGA cleaner for Devon – his results are spectacular and he loves to chatter to you as he’s cleaning your oven. However he’s been with us since March 2007, eight years now – time flies!!

Matthew Reilly Oven Gleam GleamerMathew Reilly – Mathew is our Oven Cleaner of the Year 2010 – as he produced consistent performances week on week ever since he started with us in the Summer of 2010.  A fine feat for someone who is a new member of the team. Everyone loves him and because of that we tend to get more testimonial calls about his work than the others.


Codie-Leigh Rodger – Codie is our Melksham based operative covering Wiltshire and to the West towards Marlborough.

Graham Rogers Oven Gleam OvenGleamersGraham Rogers – Graham cleans ovens and is also part of the customer care team at HO in Bristol.



OvenGleamers Franchisees

oven cleaning bracknell

Paul Marshall OvenGleamers Bracknell and Berkshire

Paul Marshall – OvenGleamers Bracknell and Berkshire


oven cleaning axminster








Nick Paul – OvenGleamers East Devon

OvenGleamers Exeter and Mid Devon

Mike Churcher – OvenGleamers Exeter and Mid Devon

Mike Churcher-  OvenGleamers Exeter and Mid Devon

OvenGleamers Lewes

Jason Luck – OvenGleamers Lewes East Sussex

Jason Luck – OvenGleamers Lewes and East Sussex


OvenGleamers Horsham

John Newbold – OvenGleamers Horsham West Sussex

John Newbold-  OvenGleamers Horsham and West Sussex

OvenGleamers Leeds North

Jerry Hyde – OvenGleamers Leeds North

Jerry Hyde – OvenGleamers Leeds North covering Wetherby and area.

OvenGleamers Glasgow North

Malcolm Clark – OvenGleamers Glasgow North

Malcolm Clark – Glasgow North covering Bishopsbriggs and area.

OvenGleamers Fareham

Matt Owen – OvenGleamers Fareham and Gosport

Matt Owen – Fareham and Gosport Hampshire. For his official local Fareham site click here

OvenGleamers Cambridge East

Mark Brown – OvenGleamers Cambridge East

Mark Brown – OvenGleamers Cambridge East, Haverhill Suffolk, Cambridge, Newmarket. For his official local Haverhill site click on this link

ovengleamers cambridge west

Andrew Scott – OvenGleamers Cambridge West

Andrew Scott – OvenGleamers Cambridge West, covering Cambridge, Huntingdon, St Ives. For Andrews site click on this link


ovengleamers peterborough

Martin Lee – OvenGleamers Peterborough

Martin Lee – OvenGleamers Peterborough, covering Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire For Martin’s site click on this link



OvenGleamers Gravesend and Medway

Tony Antoniou OvenGleamers Gravesend and Medway

Tony Antoniou – OvenGleamers Gravesend and Medway, covering Gravesend, Medway and surrounding area of Kent. For Tony’s site click on this link

ovengleamners cardiff north

Anthony Sellick – OvenGleamers Cardiff North

Anthony Sellick – OvenGleamers Cardiff North, covering Cardiff North and surrounding area. For Anthony’s site click on this link

Neil Harper OvenGleamers Nottingham West





Neil Harper – OvenGleamers Nottingham West, covering Nottingham and surrounding area. For Neil’s site click on this link


Bob Corwin OvenGleamers North Devon, West Someset





Bob Corwin – OvenGleamers North Devon, West Somerset and surrounding area. For Bob’s site click on this link






John  Rorke – OvenGleamers Wolverhampton, West Staffordshire and surrounding area. For John’s site click on this link









Lee Cole – OvenGleamers Newton Abbot, Devon and surrounding area. For Lee’s site click on this link





Ken Neal – OvenGleamers  Oven Cleaning Norwich, Norfolk, and surrounding area. For Ken’s site click on this link