OvenGleamers Team -Meet the Network of OvenGleamers

AGA Cleaning Bristol

OvenGleamers Head Office Staff in Bristol

Catherine Rogers

Catherine Rogers - Operations Manager OvenGleamers. Business Launch Specialist For OvenGleamers. Catherine has been in charge of running the day to day operation of OvenGleamers since the start in 2004. She uses her management skills and leadership skills gained from being in the Royal Air Force for 17 years (as a navigator on the Hercules C130 and Flight Commander at The Initial Officer Training College RAF Cranwell) to guide and help the franchisees to success. Catherine also answers the phone  for OvenGleamers and takes bookings for the OvenGleamers network. She may also phone you if you are interested in an OvenGleamers Franchise.

Graham Rogers

Graham Rogers - Fanchisor/Technical Trainer/Techical Support. Graham started OvenGleamers as a one man in a van in April 2004. A month later he met Catherine. Graham trains all the new franchisees and new employees for OvenGleamers Head Office. He provides support and manages the internet marketing for the main sites and for the franchise network. He also goes out cleaning.

James Senna -  Franchisee Development Manager. James helps franchisees to grow their businesses. He provides technical help and guides franchises through their market strategies.

Call Centre Call Handlers

Catherine Rogers - See details above.

Sarah Whittaker.

Sarah joined OvenGleamers in 2023. She takes call for the OvenGleamers network.

Kate Harris

Kate joined OvenGleames in 2023 and takes calls for the OvenGleamers network.

OvenGleamers Operatives Working For OvenGleamers Bristol:

Mathew Reilly - Matt covers the Bristol area and all other areas. Matt has been with us for thirteen years! He started well in 2010 and has just carried on. He now trains new franchisees and new employees. Everyone loves him and because of that we tend to get more testimonial calls about his work than the others.

Christopher Anthony - Covers the Wiltshire and Bath area. Chris lives in Cheltenham and has a family.

Richard Giddons - Covers the Bristol and outskirts. Richard lives in the centre of Bristol

Nikolas - Covers the Cheltenham area and also covers South Wales and Gloucestershire area. He lives in Gloucester.

Cameron - Covers the Somerset and Devon areas. He is based in Bridgwater in Somerset