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BBQ Cleaning Service From OvenGleamers®

By Graham Rogers

Easy To Book BBQ Cleaning Service. With one call does it all.

Just give us a ring on 0800 45 82 357 and we will answer your call (9am to 5.30pm) and can give you a quote and book you straight in for an appointment. Or you can click on the big white button above, put in your details and we will get back to you when we are in the office.

We strip down your BBQ and clean it all removing all the grease and burnt on carbon.

So before you have your next BBQ party get your BBQ professionally cleaned. Using our professional processes and method we can make your BBQ look like new again.

We charge at least our minimum charge which will be in the region of £70 depending on where you live and which OvenGleamers Operative will do the clean for you.

From our experience there are two types of BBQs the cheaper one or the more expensive one. So they range from about £65 to over £1000 for the very large BBQs that are quality made.

If you have a cheaper one the first thing you have to decide is: is it worth me getting it cleaned? Because you can buy a BBQ for this sort of price, and if you have bought one of these and now its dirty there may be some other things that are wrong with it. For example on these cheaper BBQs we notice that the paint comes off very easily and it goes rusty underneath, and also the grills of the BBQ often have a poor coating of Chrome, so even when we have cleaned them thoroughly they may still look unsightly because they are rusty. You may want to just go an buy a new cheaper BBQ.

If you have one of the more expensive ones then we can do a thorough clean on it and it will look very good, you’ll be impressed by the clean and everything should look clean.

For your BBQ cleaning quote give us a ring today on 01275 370571 or 0800 45 82 357


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About the Author

Graham Rogers Started OvenGleamers as one man in a van in Taunton in 2004. The business grew to a five van operation by 2007. OvenGleamers first franchisee started in October 2010. OvenGleamers Became An Associate Member of British Franchise Association in 2012. Now growing National OvenGleamers Network. OvenGleamers are AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Specialists. Graham writes on this blog and films videos and has a podcast.