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OvenGleamers Customer Guarantee

OvenGleamers Customer Guarantee

  • We treat all our customers as individuals. We have set prices because most ovens, range cookers, and AGA cookers or whatever you are booking in. The price we quote is the totally inclusive price (including VAT) you will pay  for the full strip down complete deep clean of your oven, range cooker, or AGA cooker. We clean the top of your oven around the grill, the self cleaning sides, the fan cover and fan, inside of the doors, the seals and knobs on your cooker. The full clean for a set price. This ensures that you know what the price will be before you make the appointment.
  • Every clean we carry out will meet our professional oven cleaning standards and every OVENGLEAMER has been trained to a set standard to achieve these results.
  • We will send just one, highly trained, uniformed, reference-checked, fully insured OVENGLEAMER to your home. He will bring all his own equipment and supplies including floor coverings and water.
  • If any part of our clean does not meet your expectations, and you inform us within two working days, we will carry out a  re-clean of your oven, free of charge.

OVENGLEAMERS gives you the gift of time. Time for you, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you really enjoy. We guarantee our cleaning 100 per cent!

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