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"We Do The Full Monty Clean, Stripping Down Your Oven Completely And We Make It Easy For You To Book With 'One Call Does It All'"

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OvenGleamers Offer All Clients An Oven Cleaning Service With:

Easy Bookings For You:

1. Call us on between 0900 and 1730 and we will answer the phone.

2. Give you a fully inclusive quote which is the price you will pay.

3. Make an appointment straight away for one of our OvenGleamers to clean your cooker.

Please phone us now on 0800 45 82 357 or 01275 370571 or complete the form to the right and we will call you back!

• OvenGleamers provide a professional oven cleaning service that does the ‘Full Monty‘ oven clean, that is we strip down your oven completely and clean all of the bits and pieces making them like new, including the fan, the fan area and the self cleaning sides.


• We Guarantee you that we will turn up on time or phone you if we are running late.

• Use only products and equipment in our van that is safe for us,  safe for you, your family and your pets.

•We will clean it to your satisfaction. If you are unhappy we will re-clean it for you until you are.

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We use safe organic cleaning products so you can be assured we are not going to damage anything, they have not been tested on animals and are approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association.

We will deep clean your cooker until it gleams. We not only clean ovens, we clean range cookers, AGA cookers and AGA type cookers such as Stanley or Rayburns, Esse or Everhot. Also we can clean your  hob, your splash back, your extractor or stainless steel extractor hood. We do a thorough and fast clean to ensure to restore that ‘showroom shine’ to it, removing all traces of dirt, grease, and burnt on carbon. We DON’T JUST CLEAN WE GLEAM.

Oven Cleaning Services

We have been perfecting our oven cleaning service since 2004 when our founder, Graham Rogers, started off as a one man in a van. Today we have a National network in the UK. Please put the first part of your postcode in the search box at the top of this page to find your local OvenGleamer. If we don’t cover your exact area it is still worth giving us a call (0800 45 82 357 or 01275 370571) as your nearest franchisee may travel to you to provide you with our service.

Call us today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer your call quickly (0900 to 1730), help you with any questions that you may have, give you a fixed price quote and be able to make an appointment for you straight away meaning you get everything sorted in one call and don’t have to wait for someone to phone you back.

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Our service means that you don’t have to clean your oven yourself. We gleam your oven so you don’t have to.

Oven cleaning is a dirty unpleasant task and is made potentially dangerous for both you and your family by the shop bought products that are normally sold for oven cleaning. These products can harm you if not used properly and also damage your cooker. Some cookers have painted parts inside them which are completely stripped off by shop bought products. Also oven cleaning is hard work and it may take you up to a day to do a proper full clean of your cooker. Why waste all that time and energy? Get us to do it for you!

We will gleam your oven or range cook using our experience, knowledge and skill and safe cleaning products developed since 2004. We will achieve that ‘as new’ showroom shine.  We offer a full satisfaction guarantee which means if you are unhappy with our oven cleaning work then we will return and clean it until you are happy.

Oven Cleaning from OvenGleamers is totally safe for you, your children and your pets, that is we don’t use gas to heat our van mounted dip tank, we use a safe process where the tank has been preheated at the start of the day and our unique dip tank stays hot all day meaning that we don’ t have to run electric cables across pavements or up your drive. We don’t use strong  chemicals in your home, using a vegetable paste (not tested on animals) that is approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association and is a product that is safe to use with a pleasant smell. We use a specialist floor covering and use specialist oven cleaning microfibre cloths. For oven cleaning detail we carry specialist polish to ensure that we get the best result when your oven is cleaned.

Oven cleaning isn’t only about oven cleaners cleaning just your oven! We also clean AGA cookers, barbecues and barbecue grills, microwave ovens, hobs, extractors, grill compartments, grill pans, and of course all the racks inside your oven. We clean all of your oven, including the fan and the fan cover. Our oven cleaning service has been developed so that we are fast and efficient to ensure the highest of professional cleans is done in a quick and efficient fashion. Oven cleaning service by a professional cleaning company such as ourselves means a professional cleaned oven by a specialist oven cleaning company.

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For our oven cleaning blog click on the link here:  oven cleaning business blog

AGA Cleaning Service

We will professionally clean your AGA until it Gleams bringing back that showroom shine. We clean the whole range of AGA branded cookers and AGA Type Cookers such as Esse, Rayburn, or Stanley.

For AGAs we clean from a 2 oven AGA to a the latest 5 oven AGA Dual Control. We also clean AGA Modules, AGA S Series (or 6:4) and AGA City 60s.

To clean your AGA will take in the region of 2 to 3 hours depending on which model it is. We clean old AGAs and new AGAs.  We clean the AGA the following:
1. The whole of the lids, so the top, the underside, the handle, the sides, and the hinge.
2. All of the enamel finish including the whole of the AGA enamel top.
3. The inside linings of the doors, the outside of the doors.
4. The inside shiny strip just inside the ovens.
5. The outside enamel of the flue pipe.
6. We also clean the inside of ovens 3 and 4 on a 4 oven AGA cooker, and the connecting strip on the top of it.

Ring 0800 45 82 357 Today

We are recommended by the following AGA Shops in the South West:

1. Spillers of Chard (who use us to clean their showroom AGAs and Range cookers too)
2. Garton and King of Exeter.
3. Kings of Sherbourne.
4. The AGA Shop in Cirencester.
5. The AGA Shop in Bath.
6. Darts Farm AGA Shop Topsham.

As their preferred professional AGA, Range and Oven Cleaning Service.

We can also replace the AGA lid handle  heat insulators, the  plastic washers that stop the AGA doors from wearing about the hinge enamel, and also we can provide replacement thermostat covers – the painted strip that indicates the temperature of your AGA.

Also We Offer:

Easy Bookings For You

1. Call us between 0900 and 1730 and we will answer your call.

2. Give you a fully inclusive quote.

3. Make an appointment for you straight away. Saving you time waiting for a call back.

Also we promise to be offer a:
Professional Deep Clean Of Your AGA
Prompt quality AGA cleaning service
Guaranteed reliability
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have a conventional oven, cooker, hob,extractor, splash back or BBQ then we can clean them too whilst we are with you.

Ring 0800 45 82 357 Today

Our Big Guarantee: We Guarantee That Your Income Will Be £2000 per month for the first Three Months of Trading. (Terms and Conditions Apply). So with OvenGleamers £2000 per month from the start of your business.

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The three things that make us different from other similar opportunities:

1. Our unique electrically heated dip tank that stays HOT ALL DAY after one charge in the morning of an hour.

2. Our Bookings For You. We take your calls and make bookings for you straight into your own schedule, which you have access to on your smart phone.

3. Our ongoing support and training, with onhand technical support and backup and our online OvenGleamers Academy.

OvenGleamers was established in 2004 and was founded by Graham Rogers. Graham was joined by his wife Catherine soon after starting. Both Graham and Catherine are both ex Royal Air Force, and have combined their knowledge and experience to provide a straight forward and successful oven cleaning franchise model.

This would be for hard working and enthusiastic individuals prepared to start their own van based oven and specialist AGA cooker cleaning business.

The OvenGleamers system uses an electrically heated dip tank which allows speed and easy operation without reducing efficiency. OvenGleamers system is Fast, Safe and Thorough.

OvenGleamers have their own software GRACE which increases repeat business.



OvenGleamers are Associate members of the BFA which means they have run a pilot franchise and complied with the other BFA membership criteria for Associate Membership


.oven cleaning bfa member



The main points of difference of this business are:

1. Unique electrically heated van mounted tank that stays hot all day with just one charge up in the morning of one hour. Meaning less time spent heating the tank up, meaning more time to fit more jobs into the day allowing the franchisee to make more money or take time off.

2. Bookings For You.  Bookings for the franchisees are made by the call centre at the main office in Bristol. Meaning that franchisees are not disturbed by calls during the day or have to get back to clients in the evenings. The calls are taken for them, quotes given and appointments made straight into the franchisees cloud based schedule. This means that OvenGleamers get the jobs that you might miss out on if you were taking your own calls, meaning you get more work.

3. Expert training and mentoring. Both Graham and Catherine have expert skills in oven cleaning and on going technical support, training and mentoring. OvenGleamers hold monthly online training seminars and quarterly training meetups.


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